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This is a property of type Boolean.

Description: Nerc Npcc

Entity conducts business operations within the NPCC region (Y or N) [1]


  1. EIA Form EIA-861 Final Data File for 2008 - F861 File Layout-2008.doc

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AES Eastern Energy LP +true  +
Bangor Hydro-Electric Co +true  +
Barton Village, Inc (Utility Company) +true  +
Bath Electric Gas & Water Sys +true  +
Block Island Power Co +true  +
Bluerock Energy, Inc. +true  +
Bozrah Light & Power Company +true  +
Central Hudson Gas & Elec Corp +true  +
Central Maine Power Co +true  +
Central Vermont Pub Serv Corp +true  +
City of Burlington-Electric, Vermont (Utility Company) +true  +
City of Chicopee, Massachusetts (Utility Company) +true  +
City of Hingham, Massachusetts (Utility Company) +true  +
City of Holyoke, Massachusetts (Utility Company) +true  +
City of Marblehead, Massachusetts (Utility Company) +true  +
City of Norwood, Massachusetts (Utility Company) +true  +
City of Peabody, Massachusetts (Utility Company) +true  +
City of Plattsburgh, New York (Utility Company) +true  +
City of Russell, Massachusetts (Utility Company) +true  +
City of Salamanca, New York (Utility Company) +true  +
City of South Norwalk, Connecticut (Utility Company) +true  +
City of Taunton, Massachusetts (Utility Company) +true  +
City of Watertown, New York (Utility Company) +true  +
City of Westfield, Massachusetts (Utility Company) +true  +
Connecticut Light & Power Co +true  +
Connecticut Municipal Electric Energy Cooperative +true  +
Consolidated Edison Co-NY Inc +true  +
DTE Electric +false  +
Delaware County Elec Coop Inc +true  +
Duke Energy Ohio Inc +true  +
Eastern Maine Electric Coop +true  +
Energetix +true  +
Energy Coop of New York, Inc +true  +
Energy Plus Holdings LLC +true  +
Entergy Solutions, Ltd +true  +
Farmington River Power Company +true  +
Fishers Island Utility Co Inc +true  +
Fox Islands Electric Coop, Inc +true  +
Glacial Energy Holdings +true  +
Granite State Electric Co +true  +
Great Bay Power Marketing, Inc. +true  +
Green Mountain Power Corp +true  +
Groton Dept of Utilities +true  +
HQ Energy Services (US), Inc +true  +
Hess Retail Natural Gas and Elec. Acctg. +true  +
Houlton Water Company +true  +
Hull Municipal Light Plant +true  +
JP Morgan +true  +
Jamestown Board of Public Util +true  +