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This is a property of type Boolean.

Description: Alt Fuel Vehicle

Entity operated alternative-fueled vehicles during the year (Y or N) [1]


  1. EIA Form EIA-861 Final Data File for 2008 - F861 File Layout-2008.doc

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AEP Generating Company +true  +
AEP Texas Central Company +true  +
AEP Texas North Company +true  +
Access Energy Coop +true  +
Adams Electric Cooperative Inc +true  +
Agralite Electric Coop +true  +
Alabama Power Co +true  +
Ameren Illinois Company +true  +
Appalachian Power Co +true  +
Arizona Public Service Co +true  +
Atchison-Holt Electric Coop +true  +
Atlantic City Electric Co +true  +
Austin Energy +true  +
Avista Corp +true  +
Baldwin County El Member Corp +true  +
Baltimore Gas & Electric Co +true  +
Barron Electric Coop +true  +
Barrow Utils & Elec Coop, Inc +true  +
Basin Electric Power Coop +true  +
Blue Earth-Nicollet-Faribault +true  +
Board of Water Electric & Communications +true  +
Bonneville Power Admin +true  +
Cedar Falls Utilities +true  +
Cedarburg Light & Water Comm +true  +
CenterPoint Energy +true  +
Central Electric Pwr Coop, Inc +true  +
Central Hudson Gas & Elec Corp +true  +
Central Lincoln People's Utility District +true  +
Central Minnesota Municipal Power Agency +true  +
Central Vermont Pub Serv Corp +true  +
Central Virginia Electric Coop +true  +
Choctawhatche Elec Coop, Inc +true  +
City Water and Light Plant +true  +
City of Alameda, California (Utility Company) +true  +
City of Alexander City, Alabama (Utility Company) +true  +
City of Alma, Kansas (Utility Company) +true  +
City of Ames, Iowa (Utility Company) +true  +
City of Anaheim, California (Utility Company) +true  +
City of Anoka, Minnesota (Utility Company) +true  +
City of Ashland, Oregon (Utility Company) +true  +
City of Aspen, Colorado (Utility Company) +true  +
City of Azusa, California (Utility Company) +true  +
City of Banning, California (Utility Company) +true  +
City of Black River Falls, Wisconsin (Utility Company) +true  +
City of Boscobel, Wisconsin (Utility Company) +true  +
City of Boulder, Nevada (Utility Company) +true  +
City of Bowling Green, Ohio (Utility Company) +true  +
City of Bryan, Ohio (Utility Company) +true  +
City of Buffalo, Minnesota (Utility Company) +true  +