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This is a property of type Boolean.

Description: Activity Wholesale Marketing

Entity engages in wholesale power marketing (Y or N) [1]


  1. EIA Form EIA-861 Final Data File for 2008 - F861 File Layout-2008.doc

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AEP Generating Company +true  +
AES Eastern Energy LP +true  +
AGC Division of APG Inc +true  +
Alabama Power Co +true  +
Alaska Power and Telephone Co +true  +
Allegheny Energy Supply Co LLC +true  +
Ameren Energy Marketing +true  +
American Mun Power-Ohio, Inc +true  +
Arizona Electric Pwr Coop Inc +true  +
Arizona Public Service Co +true  +
Arkansas Electric Coop Corp +true  +
Arkansas River Power Authority +true  +
Associated Electric Coop, Inc +true  +
Atlantic City Electric Co +true  +
Austin Energy +true  +
Avista Corp +true  +
Avista Turbine Power, Inc +true  +
BP Energy Company +true  +
Basin Electric Power Coop +true  +
Bear Valley Electric Service +true  +
Big Rivers Electric Corp +true  +
Black Hills Power Inc +true  +
Black Hills/Colorado Elec.Utility Co. LP +true  +
Board of Water Electric & Communications +true  +
Bonneville Power Admin +true  +
Borough of Duncannon, Pennsylvania (Utility Company) +true  +
Brownsville Public Utilities Board +true  +
Buckeye Power, Inc +true  +
Burt County Public Power Dist +true  +
CL Power Sales Eight LLC +true  +
CMS Energy Resource Management Corp +true  +
CP Power Sales Seventeen LLC +true  +
Calpine Energy Services LP +true  +
Calpine Power Management LLC +true  +
Cargill Power Markets LLC +true  +
Cedar Falls Utilities +true  +
Central Hudson Gas & Elec Corp +true  +
Central Minnesota Municipal Power Agency +true  +
Central Montana E Pwr Coop Inc +true  +
Central Vermont Pub Serv Corp +true  +
CinCap IV, LLC +true  +
CinCap V LLC +true  +
Cinergy Capital & Trading, Inc +true  +
City & County of San Francisco (Utility Company) +true  +
City Utilities of Springfield +true  +
City of Algona, Iowa (Utility Company) +true  +
City of Ames, Iowa (Utility Company) +true  +
City of Anaheim, California (Utility Company) +true  +
City of Azusa, California (Utility Company) +true  +
City of Banning, California (Utility Company) +true  +
City of Bryan, Texas (Utility Company) +true  +
City of Burbank Water and Power, California (Utility Company) +true  +
City of Burlington, Kansas (Utility Company) +true  +
City of Burlington-Electric, Vermont (Utility Company) +true  +
City of Cambridge, Nebraska (Utility Company) +true  +
City of Centralia, Washington (Utility Company) +true  +
City of Chicopee, Massachusetts (Utility Company) +true  +
City of College Park, Georgia (Utility Company) +true  +
City of Colorado Springs, Colorado (Utility Company) +true  +
City of Columbus, Ohio (Utility Company) +true  +
City of Commerce, Georgia (Utility Company) +true  +
City of Corona, California (Utility Company) +true  +
City of Eugene, Oregon (Utility Company) +true  +
City of Farmington, New Mexico (Utility Company) +true  +
City of Fredonia, Kansas (Utility Company) +true  +
City of Garland, Texas (Utility Company) +true  +
City of Geneva, Illinois (Utility Company) +true  +
City of Grand Island, Nebraska (Utility Company) +true  +
City of Greenville,, Texas (Utility Company) +true  +
City of Hamilton, Ohio (Utility Company) +true  +
City of Hastings, Nebraska (Utility Company) +true  +
City of Holyoke, Massachusetts (Utility Company) +true  +
City of Homestead, Florida (Utility Company) +true  +
City of Independence, Missouri (Utility Company) +true  +
City of Kansas City, Kansas (Utility Company) +true  +
City of Kennett, Missouri (Utility Company) +true  +
City of Lafayette, Louisiana (Utility Company) +true  +
City of Lakeland, Florida (Utility Company) +true  +
City of Lansing, Michigan (Utility Company) +true  +
City of Montezuma, Iowa (Utility Company) +true  +
City of New Smyrna Beach, Florida (Utility Company) +true  +
City of Ogden, Iowa (Utility Company) +true  +
City of Ortonville, Minnesota (Utility Company) +true  +
City of Owensboro, Kentucky (Utility Company) +true  +
City of Pasadena, California (Utility Company) +true  +
City of Peabody, Massachusetts (Utility Company) +true  +
City of Pella, Iowa (Utility Company) +true  +
City of Prescott, Kansas (Utility Company) +true  +
City of Redding, California (Utility Company) +true  +
City of Riverside, California (Utility Company) +true  +
City of San Antonio, Texas (Utility Company) +true  +
City of Santa Clara, California (Utility Company) +true  +
City of Seattle, Washington (Utility Company) +true  +
City of Sikeston, Missouri (Utility Company) +true  +
City of St George, Utah (Utility Company) +true  +
City of Tallahassee, Florida (Utility Company) +true  +
City of Taunton, Massachusetts (Utility Company) +true  +
City of Tipton, Iowa (Utility Company) +true  +
City of Vineland, New Jersey (Utility Company) +true  +
City of Virginia, Minnesota (Utility Company) +true  +
City of Westfield, Massachusetts (Utility Company) +true  +
Clatskanie Peoples Util Dist +true  +
Cleco Power LLC +true  +
Cleveland Electric Illum Co +true  +
Colorado River Comm of Nevada +true  +
Columbus Southern Power Co +true  +
Conectiv Energy Supply Inc. +true  +
Connecticut Light & Power Co +true  +
Connecticut Municipal Electric Energy Cooperative +true  +
ConocoPhillips Company +true  +
Consolidated Edison Co-NY Inc +true  +
Constllation Enrgy Commodities +true  +
Coral Power LLC +true  +
Corn Belt Power Coop +true  +
DTE Electric +true  +
Dairyland Power Coop +true  +
Dayton Power & Light Co +true  +
Delmarva Power +true  +
Deseret Generation & Tran Coop +true  +
Dominion Energy Marketing Inc. +true  +
Dominion Retail Inc +true  +
Dublin Municipal Electric Util +true  +
Duke Energy Carolinas, LLC +true  +
Duke Energy Indiana Inc +true  +
Duke Energy Kentucky, Inc. +true  +
Duke Energy Ohio Inc +true  +
Dynegy Power Marketing Inc +true  +
East Bay Municipal Util Dist +true  +
Edison Mission Marktg & Trdg Inc +true  +
El Paso Electric Co +true  +
El Paso Merchant Energy LP +true  +
Electric Fund (CDWR) +true  +
Emerald People's Utility Dist +true  +
Empire District Electric Co (Missouri) +true  +
Energetix +true  +
Fillmore City Corporation (Utility Company) +true  +
Florida Municipal Power Agency +true  +
Florida Power & Light Co. +true  +
Freedom Energy +true  +
Gainesville Regional Utilities +true  +
Glades Electric Coop, Inc +true  +
Golden Spread Electric Cooperative, Inc +true  +
Grand River Dam Authority +true  +
Great Bay Power Marketing, Inc. +true  +
Green Mountain Power Corp +true  +
HQ Energy Services (US), Inc +true  +
Heber Light & Power Company +true  +
Hess Retail Natural Gas and Elec. Acctg. +true  +
Hinson Power Company LLC +true  +
Hoosier Energy R E C, Inc +true  +
Hutchinson Utilities Comm +true  +
Illinois Municipal Elec Agency +true  +
Independence Power Marketing +true  +
Indiana Municipal Power Agency +true  +
Indianapolis Power & Light Co +true  +
Integrys Energy Services, Inc. +true  +
Interstate Power and Light Co +true  +
KCP&L Greater Missouri Operations +true  +
Kansas City Power & Light Co (Missouri) +true  +
Kansas Gas & Electric Co +true  +
Kansas Municipal Energy Agency +true  +
Kentucky Power Co +true  +
Kentucky Utilities Co +true  +
Lincoln County Power Dist No 1 +true  +
Lincoln Electric System +true  +
Los Alamos County +true  +
Los Angeles Department of Water & Power +true  +
Louisville Gas & Electric Co +true  +
Luminant Energy +true  +
MSR Public Power Agency +true  +
Macquarie Energy LLC +true  +
Manitowoc Public Utilities +true  +
Massachusetts Bay Trans Auth +true  +
Massachusetts Mun Wholes Electric Co +true  +
Merced Irrigation District +true  +
Merrill Lynch Commodities +true  +
Metropolitan Water District of S CA +true  +
Michigan Public Power Agency +true  +
Michigan South Central Pwr Agy +true  +
Mid-Kansas Electric Company, LLC (MKEC) +true  +
MidAmerican Energy Co +true  +
Midwest Energy Inc +true  +
Minnesota Municipal Power Agency +true  +
Minnesota Power Inc +true  +
Minnkota Power Coop, Inc +true  +
Mirant Energy Trading, LLC +true  +
Mississippi Power Co +true  +
Missouri River Energy Services +true  +
Modesto Irrigation District +true  +
Montana-Dakota Utilities Co (North Dakota) +true  +
Morgan Stanley Capital Grp Inc +true  +
Municipal Energy Agency of NE +true  +
NRG Power Marketing LLC +true  +
NSTAR Electric Company +true  +
NYSEG Solutions Inc +true  +
Nebraska Public Power District +true  +
Nevada Power Co +true  +
New Hampshire Elec Coop Inc +true  +
New York Mun Power Agency +true  +
New York Power Authority +true  +
New York State Elec & Gas Corp +true  +
NextEra Energy Power Marketing LLC +true  +
Niagara Mohawk Power Corp. +true  +
Nick's Utility +true  +
North Carolina El Member Corp +true  +
North Carolina Mun Power Agny +true  +
NorthWestern Energy +true  +
Northeast Texas Elec Coop, Inc +true  +
Northern Indiana Pub Serv Co +true  +
Northern States Power Co - Minnesota +true  +
Northern States Power Co - Wisconsin +true  +
Northern Wasco County PUD +true  +
Northwestern Wisconsin Elec Co +true  +
OGE Energy Resources, Inc +true  +
Ohio Edison Co +true  +
Ohio Power Co +true  +
Oklahoma Gas & Electric Co +true  +
Oklahoma Municipal Power Auth +true  +
Old Dominion Electric Coop +true  +
Omaha Public Power District +true  +
Optim Energy Marketing LLC +true  +
Orlando Utilities Comm +true  +
Otter Tail Power Co +true  +
PPL EnergyPlus LLC +true  +
PPM Energy Inc +true  +
PSEG Energy Resources and Trade +true  +
PUD No 1 of Benton County +true  +
PUD No 1 of Chelan County +true  +
PUD No 1 of Franklin County +true  +
PUD No 1 of Grays Harbor Cnty +true  +
PUD No 1 of Klickitat County +true  +
PUD No 1 of Okanogan County +true  +
PUD No 2 of Grant County +true  +
PUD No 3 of Mason County +true  +
PacifiCorp (Oregon) +true  +
Pacific Gas & Electric Co +true  +
Pacific Northwest Generating Coop +true  +
Paragould Light & Water Comm +true  +
Pennsylvania Electric Co +true  +
People's Electric Corporation +true  +
Piedmont Municipal Power Agny +true  +
Placer County Water Agency +true  +
Platte River Power Authority +true  +
Plumas-Sierra Rural Elec Coop +true  +
Portland General Electric Co +true  +
Potomac Electric Power Co +true  +
PowerSouth Energy Cooperative +true  +
Powerex Corporation +true  +
Progress Energy Carolinas Inc +true  +