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"The Future of Geothermal Energy” and Its Challenges +Ladislaus Rybach  +
15 Years of Successful H2S Abatement +Gary J. Nagl  +
16 TAC 3.30 - Memorandum of Understanding between the Railroad Commission and the Commission on Environmental Quality +Railroad Commission of Texas  +
19 V.S.A. § 1111 Highway Right-of-Way Permit Application (Form TA 210) Example +Vermont Agency of Transportation  +
1981 Memorandum of Understanding between the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission and the Water and Power Resources Service +FERC  +
1992 Memorandum of Understanding between FERC and BOR +FERC  +
1992 Memorandum of Understanding between the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission and the Department of Interior, Bureau of Reclamation +FERC  +
1992-1993 Low-Temperature Geothermal Assessment Program, Colorado +James A. Cappa and H. Thomas Hemborg  +
2-D Magnetotellurics At The Geothermal Site At Soultz-Sous-Forets- Resistivity Distribution To About 3000 M Depth +Johannes Geiermann  +, Eva Schill  +
2.8-Ma Ash-Flow Caldera At Chegem River In The Northern Caucasus Mountains (Russia), Contemporaneous Granites, And Associated Ore Deposits +Peter W. Lipman  +, O. A. Bogatikov  +, A. A. Tsvetkov  +,
2007 Annual Report +Enel  +
2015 Update for the CEQA Deskbook, 3rd Edition +ICF International  +
238U Decay Series Systematics Of Young Lavas From Batur Volcano, Sunda Arc +K. H. Rubin  +, G. E. Wheller  +, M. O. Tanzer  +,
2D Joint Inversion Of Dc And Scalar Audio-Magnetotelluric Data In The Evaluation Of Low Enthalpy Geothermal Fields +F. A. M. Santos  +, A. R. A. Afonso  +, A. Dupis  +
3-D Density Model Of Mt Etna Volcano (Southern Italy) +Domenico Schiavone  +, Mariano Loddo  +
3-D Interpretation Of Magnetotelluric Data At The Bajawa Geothermal Field, Indonesia +Toshihiro Uchidal  +, Tae Jong Lee  +, Sasaki Yutaka  +,
3-D Inversion Of Borehole-To-Surface Electrical Data Using A Back-Propagation Neural Network +Trong Long Ho  +
3-D Seismic Methods For Geothermal Reservoir Exploration And Assessment-Summary +E. L. Majer  +
36Cl as a tracer in geothermal systems- Example from Valles Caldera, New Mexico +F.M. Phillips  +, Fraser E. Goff  +, Francois D. Vuataz  +,
36Cl/Cl ratios in geothermal systems- preliminary measurements from the Coso Field +Nimz  +, G. J.; Moore  +, J. N.; Kasameyer  +,
3D Geological Modelling In Bavaria - State-Of-The-Art At A State Geological Survey +R. F. J. Pamer  +, G. W. Diepolder  +
3D Magnetotelluic characterization of the Coso Geothermal Field +Newman  +, G. A.; Hoversten  +, G. M.; Wannamaker  +,
3D Magnetotelluric Characterization Of The Geothermal Anomaly In The Llucmajor Aquifer System (Majorca, Spain) +C. Arango  +, A. Marcuello  +, J. Ledo  +,
3D Mt Resistivity Imaging For Geothermal Resource Assessment And Environmental Mitigation At The Glass Mountain Kgra, California +William Cumming  +, Randall Mackie  +
3D Relationships Between Sills And Their Feeders- Evidence From The Golden Valley Sill Complex (Karoo Basin) And Experimental Modelling +Christophe Y. Galerne  +, Olivier Galland  +, Else-Ragnhild Neumann  +,
3D Tomographic Imaging Of The Southern Apennines (Italy)- A Statistical Approach To Estimate The Model Uncertainty And Resolution +R. De Matteis  +, A. Romeo  +, G. Pasquale  +,
4.2.1 GRED Drilling Award- GRED III Phase II +EERE  +
40 Years Of Dogger Aquifer Management In Ile-De-France, Paris Basin, France +Simon Lopez  +, Virginie Hamm  +, Morgane Le Brun  +,
400kW Geothermal Power Plant at Chena Hot Springs, Alaska +Chena Power LLC.  +
40AR/39AR THERMAL HISTORY OF THE COSO GEOTHERMAL FIELD +Kurilovitch  +, L.; Norman  +, D.; Heizler  +,
40Ar-39Ar Geochronology Of Magmatic Activity, Magma Flux And Hazards At Ruapehu Volcano, Taupo Volcanic Zone, New Zealand +John A. Gamble  +, Richard C. Price  +, Ian E. M. Smith  +,
40Ar/39Ar Dating of the Bandelier Tuff and San Diego Canyon Ignimbrites, Jemez Mountains, New Mexico- Temporal Constraints on Magmatic Evolution +Terry L. Spell  +, T. Mark Harrison  +, John A. Wolff  +
40Ar/39Ar Geochronology of Post-Valles Caldera Rhyolites, Jemez Volcanic Field, New Mexico +Terry L. Spell  +, T. Mark Harrison  +
5 CCR 1001-5 Colorado Stationary Source Permitting and Air Pollution Control Emission Notice Requirements +Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment  +
550 FW 3 NEPA Decision Documents +Fish and Wildlife Service  +
75Th Anniversary - The Historical Development Of The Magnetic Method In Exploration +M. N. Nabighian  +, V. J. S. Grauch  +, R. O. Hansen  +,
A 200 kyr Pleistocene Lacustrine Record from the Valles Caldera Insight: From Environmental Magnetism and Paleomagnetism +Linda Donohoo-Hurley  +, John W. Geissman  +, Peter J. Fawcett  +,
A 3D Magnetic Structure Of Izu-Oshima Volcano And Their Changes After The Eruption In 1986 As Estimated From Repeated Airborne Magnetic Surveys +Yoshio Ueda  +
A Bme Solution Of The Stochastic Three-Dimensional Laplace Equation Representing A Geothermal Field Subject To Site-Specific Information +G. Papantonopoulos  +, K. Modis  +
A Brief Classification of Geothermal Systems +Paul Brophy  +
A Broadband Tensorial Magnetotelluric Study In The Travale Geothermal Field +V. R. S. Hutton  +, G. J. K. Dawes  +, T. Devlin  +,
A Case History of Injection Through 1991 at Dixie Valley, Nevada +Dick Benoit  +
A Case Study For Geothermal Exploration In The Ne German Basin- Integrated Interpretation Of Seismic Tomography, Litho-Stratigraphy, Salt Tectonics, And Thermal Structure +K. Bauer  +, I. Moeck  +, B. Norden  +,
A Case Study Of The Influx Of Upper Mantle Fluids Into The Crust +Ronghua Zhang  +, Shumin Hu  +
A Closely-Spaced Magnetotelluric Study Of The Ahuachapan-Chipilapa Geothermal Field, El Salvador +Jose Manuel Romo  +, Carlos Flores  +, Raymundo Vega  +,
A Code for Geothermal Resources and Reserves Reporting +A. F. Williams  +, J. V. Lawless  +, M. A. Ward  +,
A Comprehensive Study Of Fracture Patterns And Densities In The Geysers Geothermal Reservoir Using Microearthquake Shear-Wave Splitting Tomography +Peter E. Malin  +, Eylon Shalev  +, Min Lou  +,
A Conceptual Model Approach to the Geophysical Exploration of Permeable Geothermal Reservoirs That Considers Context and Uncertainty +William Cumming  +
A Conduit-Related Genesis Of The Lengshuiqing Intrusive Assemblage (Sichuan, Sw China) +Marian Munteanu  +, Allan H. Wilson  +, Yong Yao  +,
A Coordinated Exploration Program for Geothermal Sources on the Island of Hawaii +AUGUSTINE S. FURUMOTO  +
A Core Hole in the Southwestern Moat of the Long Valley Caldera: Early Results +Harold A. Wollenberg  +, Michael L. Sorey  +, Christopher D. Farrar  +,
A DOE-Funded Design Study for Pioneer Baseload Application Of an Advanced Geothermal binary Cycle at a Utility Plant in Western Utah +W.E. Lewis  +, M. Ralph  +
A Decade of Colorado Water Supreme Court Water Decisions: 1996-2006 +Justice Greg Hobbs  +
A Deep Geothermal Exploration Well At Eastgate, Weardale, Uk- A Novel Exploration Concept For Low-Enthalpy Resources +DAC Manning  +, PL Younger  +, FW Smith  +,
A Distinction Technique Between Volcanic And Tectonic Depression Structures Based On The Restoration Modeling Of Gravity Anomaly- A Case Study Of The Hohi Volcanic Zone, Central Kyushu, Japan +Shigekazu Kusumoto  +, Yoichi Fukuda  +, Keiji Takemura  +
A Five-Component Magneto-Telluric Method In Geothermal Exploration- The Mt-5-Ex +Louis Muse  +
A Flashing Binary Combined Cycle For Geothermal Power Generation +G. Paloso Jr  +, B. Mohanty  +
A Fluid-Inclusion Investigation Of The Tongonan Geothermal Field, Philippines +G. L. Scott  +
A Fossilized Opal A To Opal C-T Transformation On The Northeast Atlantic Margin- Support For A Significantly Elevated Palaeogeothermal Gradient During The Neogene? +R. J. Davies  +, J. Cartwright  +
A Four-Dimensional Viscoelastic Deformation Model For Long Valley Caldera, California, Between 1995 And 2000 +Andrew V. Newman  +, Timothy H. Dixon  +, Noel Gourmelen  +
A Geochemical Model Of The Platanares Geothermal System, Honduras +C. J. Janik  +, A. H. Truesdell  +, F. Goff  +,
A Geochemical Model of the Kilauea East Rift Zone +Donald Thomas  +
A Geochemical Reconnaissance Of The Alid Volcaniccenter And Geothermal System, Danakil Depression, Eritrea +Jacob B. Lowenstern  +, Cathy J. Janik  +, Robert O. Fournier  +,
A Geological And Geophysical Appraisal Of The Baca Geothermal Field, Valles Caldera, New Mexico +Michael Wilt  +, Stephen Vonder Haar  +
A Geological and Geophysical Study of Chena Hot Springs, Alaksa +Norma Biggar  +
A Geological and Hydro-Geochemical Study of the Animas Geothermal Area, Hidalgo County, New Mexico +F. Dellechaie  +
A Geothermal Field Model Based On Geophysical And Thermal Prospectings In Nea Kessani (Ne Greece) +C. Thanassoulas  +, G. N. Tsokas  +
A Gravitational Spreading Origin For The Socompa Debris Avalanche +B. van Wyk de Vries  +, S. Self  +, P. W. Francis  +,
A Guide to the FERC Electric Transmission Facilities Permit Process +Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC)  +
A Helicopter-Borne Video Thermal Infrared Survey Of The Rotorua Geothermal Field +M. A. Mongillo  +, C. J. Bromley  +
A Helium Isotope Perspective On The Dixie Valley, Nevada, Hydrothermal System +B. M. Kennedy  +, M. C. van Soest  +
A History Of Geothermal Exploration In Washington +D. H. Vice  +
A History Of Hot Dry Rock Geothermal Energy Systems +Morton C. Smith  +
A Hydro-Thermo-Mechanical Numerical Model For Hdr Geothermal Reservoir Evaluation +T. W. Hicks  +, R. J. Pine  +, J. Willis-Richards  +,
A Hydrothermal Model of the Roosevelt Hot Springs Area, Utah, USA +D. J. Becker  +, D. D. Blackwell  +
A Key Review On Exergetic Analysis And Assessment Of Renewable Energy Resources For A Sustainable Future +Arif Hepbasli  +
A Large Self-Potential Anomaly And Its Changes On The Quiet Mt Fuji, Japan +K. Aizawa  +
A Low-Velocity Zone in the Basement Beneath the Valles Caldera, New Mexico +Peter M. Roberts  +, Keiiti Aki  +, Michael C. Fehler  +
A Magnetotelluric Survey Of The Nissyros Geothermal Field (Greece) +G. J. K. Dawes  +, E. Lagios  +
A Map Of Geothermal Potential For The Great Basin, Usa- Recognition Of Multiple Geothermal Environments +Mark Coolbaugh  +, Richard Zehner  +, Corne Kreemer  +,
A Mechanical Fluid-Dynamical Model For Ground Movements At Campi Flegrei Caldera +Giuseppe De Natale  +, Claudia Troise  +, Folco Pingue  +
A Method for Estimating Undiscovered Geothermal Resources in Nevada and the Great Basin +Mark F. Coolbaugh  +, Lisa A. Shevenell  +
A Mineralogical Petrographic And Geochemical Study Of Samples From Wells In The Geothermal Field Of Milos Island (Greece) +Alexandre Liakopoulos  +, Athanassios Katerinopoulos  +, Theodor Markopoulos  +,
A Miocene Basanite Peperitic Dyke At Stanley, Northwestern Tasmania, Australia +Yoshihiko Goto  +, Jocelyn McPhie  +
A Miocene Island-Arc Volcanic Seamount- The Takashibiyama Formation, Shimane Peninsula, Sw Japan +Kazuhiko Kano  +, Takahiro Yamamoto  +, Keiji Takeuchi  +
A Model For Stress-Controlled Pipe Growth +Wayne P. Barnett  +, Loren Lorig  +
A Model For Syn-Eruptive Groundwater Flow During The Phreatoplinian Phase Of The 28-29 March 1875 Askja Volcano Eruption, Iceland +M. Lupi  +, S. Geiger  +, R. J. Carey  +,
A Model For The Sulphur Springs Geothermal Field St Lucia +K. H. Williamson  +
A Model For The Transient Temperature Effects Of Horizontal Fluid Flow In Geothermal Systems +J. P. Ziagos  +, D. D. Blackwell  +
A Monte Carlo Approach To Generator Portfolio Planning And Carbon Emissions Assessments Of Systems With Large Penetrations Of Variable Renewables +Elaine K. Hart  +, Mark Z. Jacobson  +
A Morphometric Analysis Of The Submarine Volcanic Ridge South-East Of Pico Island, Azores +R. C. Stretch  +, N. C. Mitchell  +, R. A. Portaro  +
A Multidisciplinary Approach To Detect Active Pathways For Magma Migration And Eruption At Mt Etna (Sicily, Italy) Before The 2001 And 2002-2003 Eruptions +S. Alparone  +, D. Andronico  +, S. Giammanco  +,
A New 'Geothermal Play Type' Catalog: Streamlining Exploration Decision Making +Inga S. Moeck  +, Graeme Beardsmore  +
A New Algorithm for Processing Interferometric Data-Stacks: SqueeSAR +Alessandro Ferretti  +, Alfio Fumagalli  +, Fabrizio Novali  +,
A New Apparatus For Long-Term Petrophysical Investigations On Geothermal Reservoir Rocks At Simulated In-Situ Conditions +H. H. Milsch  +, E. Spangenberg  +, J. Kulenkampff  +,
A New Approach To Kimberlite Facies Terminology Using A Revised General Approach To The Nomenclature Of All Volcanic Rocks And Deposits- Descriptive To Genetic +Ray Cas  +, Lucy Porritt  +, Adrian Pittari  +,
A New Geothermal Anomaly In Nicaragua +Yoram Eckstein  +
A New Geothermal Resource Map Of Nicaragua +Christopher W. Klein  +, Roger C. Henneberger  +, Ann Robertson-Tait  +,
A New Gold Pan For The West- Discovering Blind Geothermal Systems With Shallow Temperature Surveys +Christopher Kratt  +, Mark Coolbaugh  +, Chris Sladek  +,
A New Improved Na-K Geothermometer By Artificial Neural Networks +Ibrahim Can  +
A New Zealand Test Of The Track-Etch Method Of Prospecting For Geothermal Steam +N. E. Whitehead  +, J. E. Gingrich  +, J. C. Fisher  +
A Numerical Evaluation Of Electromagnetic Methods In Geothermal Exploration +L. Pellerin  +, J. M. Johnston  +, G. W. Hohmann  +
A Numerical Evaluation Of Electromagnetic Methods In Geothermal Exploration - Discussion +M. Poddar  +
A Numerical Evaluation Of Electromagnetic Methods In Geothermal Exploration - Reply +L. Pellerin  +, J. M. Johnston  +
A Numerical Model For The Dynamics Of Pyroclastic Flows At Galeras Volcano, Colombia +G. Cordoba  +
A Physical Model For The Origin Of Volcanism Of The Tyrrhenian Margin- The Case Of Neapolitan Area +G. Luongo  +, E. Cubellis  +, F. Obrizzo  +,
A Pleistocene, Pyroclastic-Poor Maar From Central Anatolia, Turkey- Influence Of A Local Fault On A Phreatomagmatic Eruption +Ali Ihsan Gevrek  +, Nizamettin Kazanci  +
A Pliocene Shoaling Basaltic Seamount- Ba Volcanic Group At Rakiraki, Fiji +J. McPhie  +
A Portable Elf-Mt System For Shallow Resistivity Sounding +T. Fujii  +, H. Komori  +, Y. Honkura  +
A Prehistoric Lahar-Dammed Lake And Eruption Of Mount Pinatubo Described In A Philippine Aborigine Legend +Kelvin S. Rodolfo  +, Jesse V. Umbal  +
A Preliminary Conceptual Model for the Blue Mountain Geothermal System, Humboldt County, Nevada +John Casteel  +, Rogel Trazona  +, Glenn Melosh  +,
A Preliminary Regional Geothermal Assessment Of The Gulf Of Suez, Egypt +Mohamed Abdel Zaher  +, Hakim Saibi  +, Mohamed El Nouby  +,
A Preliminary Resistivity Investigation (Ves) Of The Langada Hot Springs Area In Northern Greece +C. Thanassoulas  +, G. A. Tselentis  +, G. Traganos  +
A Preliminary Structural Model for the Blue Mountain Geothermal Field, Humboldt County, Nevada +James E. Faulds  +, Glenn Melosh  +
A Preliminary Study Of Older Hot Spring Alteration In Sevenmile Hole, Grand Canyon Of The Yellowstone River, Yellowstone Caldera, Wyoming +Peter B. Larson  +, Allison Phillips  +, David John  +,
A Preliminary Study of the Waters of the Jemez Plateau, New Mexico +Clyde Kelly  +, E.V. Anspach  +
A Preparation Zone For Volcanic Explosions Beneath Naka-Dake Crater, Aso Volcano, As Inferred From Magnetotelluric Surveys +Wataru Kanda  +, Yoshikazu Tanaka  +, Mitsuru Utsugi  +,
A Primitive Alkali Basaltic Stratovolcano And Associated Eruptive Centres, Northwestern Spitsbergen- Volcanology And Tectonic Significance +Brit- L. Skjelkvale  +, H. E. F. Amundsen  +, Suzanne Y. O'Reilly  +,
A Proposed New Classification Of The Granites Of Egypt +Abdel Aziz A. Hussein  +, Monir M. Ali  +, M. F. El Ramly  +
A Protocol for Estimating and Mapping Global EGS Potential +Graeme R. Beardsmore  +, Ladislaus Rybach  +, David D. Blackwell  +,
A Reconnaissance Geochemical Study Of La Primavera Geothermal Area, Jalisco, Mexico +Gail A. Mahood  +, Alfred H. Truesdell  +, Luis A. Templos M  +
A Reexamination of USGS Volumetric “Heat in Place” Method +Sabodh K. Garg  +, Jim Combs  +
A Regional Strategy For Geothermal Exploration With Emphasis On Gravity And Magnetotellurics +Carlos L.V. Aiken  +, Mark E. Ander  +
A Resource Conceptual Model for the Ngatamariki Geothermal Field Based on Recent Exploration Well Drilling and 3D MT Resistivity Imaging +Catherine Boseley  +, William Cumming  +, Luis Urzúa-Monsalve  +,
A Resource assessment protocol for GEO-ELEC +Jan-Diederik van Wees  +, Thijs Boxem  +, Philippe Calcagno  +,
A Resurgent Cauldron In The Early Paleozoic Of Wales, Uk +Roy V. Beavon  +
A Review And Analysis Of The Adequacy Of The Us Legal, Institutional And Financial Framework For Geothermal Development +R. Gordon Bloomquist  +
A Review Of Water Contents Of Nominally Anhydrous Natural Minerals In The Mantles Of Earth, Mars And The Moon +Anne H. Peslier  +
A Review of Geothermal Resource Estimation Methodology +Sadiq J. Zarrouk  +, Florida Simiyu  +
A Review of High-Temperature Geothermal Developments in the Northern Basin and Range Province +W.R. Benoit  +, R.W. Butler  +
A Review of Methods Applied by the US Geological Survey in the Assessment of Identified Geothermal Resources +Colin F. Williams  +, Marshall J. Reed  +, Robert H. Mariner  +
A Shallow Attenuating Anomaly Inside The Ring Fracture Of The Valles Caldera, New Mexico +Peter M. Roberts  +, Keiiti Aki  +, Michael C. Fehler  +
A Simple Heat-Flow Quality Function And Appraisal Of Heat-Flow Measurements And Heat-Flow Estimates From The Uk Geothermal Catalogue +K. E. Rollin  +
A Simple, Fast Method of Estimating Fractured Reservoir Geometry from Tracer Tests +G. Michael Shook  +
A Site-Scale Model For Fluid And Heat Flow In The Unsaturated Zone Of Yucca Mountain, Nevada +Yu-Shu Wu  +, Charles Haukwa  +, G. S. Bodvarsson  +
A Snapshot Of Geothermal Energy Potential And Utilization In Turkey +Erkan Erdogdu  +
A Soil Gas Survey Over Rotorua Geothermal Field, Rotorua, New Zealand +J. B. Finlayson  +
A Spectrum Of Potentially Diamondiferous Lamproites And Minettes From The Jharia Coalfield, Eastern India +N. M. S. Rock  +, B. J. Griffin  +, A. D. Edgar  +,
A Sr-Isotopic Comparison Between Thermal Waters, Rocks, And Hydrothermal Calcites, Long Valley Caldera, California +Fraser Goff  +, Harold A. Wollenberg  +, D. C. Brookins  +,
A Statistical Analysis Of Bottom-Hole Temperature Data In The Hinton Area Of West-Central Alberta +H. L. Lam  +, F. W. Jones  +
A Statistics-Based Method For The Short-Wave Infrared Spectral Analysis Of Altered Rocks- An Example From The Acoculco Caldera, Eastern Trans-Mexican Volcanic Belt +C. Canet  +, L. Arana  +, E. Gonzalez-Partida  +,
A Strontium Isotopic Study Of Newberry Volcano, Central Oregon- Structural And Thermal Implications +Gordon G. Goles  +, Richard St J. Lambert  +
A Structural Model Guide For Geothermal Exploration In Ancestral Mount Bao, Leyte, Philippines +Alfredo Mahar Francisco A. Lagmay  +, Arlene Mae P. Tengonciang  +, Herbert V. Marcos  +,
A Structure-Controlled Model For Hot Spring Exploration In Taiwan By Remote Sensing +J. K. Liu  +, M. F. Yu  +, S. J. Ueng  +
A Study Of Scale Deposition- An Analogue Of Meso- To Epithermal Ore Formation In The Volcano Of Milos, Aegean Arc, Greece +Kimon Christanis  +, Karen St Seymour  +
A Study of Production/lnjection Data from Slim Holes and Large-Diameter Wells at the Takigami Geothermal Field, Kyushu, Japan +S. K. Garg  +, J. Combs  +, Furnio Azawa  +,
A Submarine Welded Ignimbrite-Crystal-Rich Sandstone Facies Association In The Cambrian Tyndall Group, Western Tasmania, Australia +Matthew J. White  +, Jocelyn McPhie  +
A Summary of Modeling Studies of the Krafla Geothermal Field, Iceland +Gudmundur S. Bodvarsson  +, Karsten Pruess  +
A Summary of the Geology, Geochemistry, and Geophysics of the Roosevelt Hot Springs Thermal Area, Utah +S. H. Ward  +, W. T. Parry  +, W. P. Nash  +,
A Survey Of Seismic Activity Near Wairakei Geothermal Field, New Zealand +T. M. Hunt  +, J. H. Latter  +
A Survey of Geothermal Reservoir Properties +Grímur Björbsson  +, Gudmundur Bodvarsson  +
A Systematic Approach to the Interpretation of Magnetotelluric Data in Volcanic Environments with Applications to the Quest for Magma in Long Valley, California +Stephen K. Park  +, Carlos Torres-Verdin  +
A Target-Oriented Magnetotelluric Inversion Approach For Characterizing The Low Enthalpy Gross Schonebeck Geothermal Reservoir +G. Munoz  +, O. Ritter  +, I. Moeck  +
A Technology Assessment System Of The Alternative Energy Sources (Sun And Wind) For Rural Communities In Mexico +Ana Luz Quintanilla-Montoya  +, David W. Fischer  +
A Temperature Model Of The Crust Beneath The Barents Sea- Investigations Along Geotraverses +M. D. Khutorskoi  +, K. G. Viskunova  +, L. V. Podgornykh  +,
A Test Of The Transiel Method On The Travale Geothermal Field +A. Duprat  +, M. Roudot  +, S. Spitz  +
A Time-Domain Electromagnetic Survey of the East Rift Zone Kilauea Volcano, Hawaii +Catherine King Skokan  +
A Tracer Test Using Ethanol as a Two-Phase Tracer and 2-Naphthalene Sulfonate as a Liquid-Phase Tracer at the Coso Geothermal Field +Mella  +, M.; Rose  +, P.; McCulloch  +,
A Transient Model of the Geothermal System of the Long Valley Caldera, California +David D. Blackwell  +
A U-Th Calcite Isochron Age From An Active Geothermal Field In New Zealand +Stephen Grimes  +, David Rickard  +, Chris Hawkesworth  +,
A Volcanologist'S Review Of Atmospheric Hazards Of Volcanic Activity- Fuego And Mount St Helens +William I. Rose  +, Richard L. Wunderman  +, Mary F. Hoffman  +,
A difficult search, why Basin and Range systems are hard to find +M.C. Richards  +, D.D. Blackwell  +
A geochemical model of the Kilauea east rift zone +Donald Thomas  +
A gravity model for the Coso geothermal area, California +Feighner  +, M. A.; Goldstein  +, N. E.    +
A hydrogeochemical comparison of the Waunita Hot Springs, Hortense, Castle Rock and Anderson Hot Springs +F. Dellechaie  +
A major lithospheric boundary in eastern California defined by isotope ratios in Cenozoic basalts from the Coso Range and surrounding areas +Glazner  +, A.F.; Miller  +, J.S.    +
A model for the shallow thermal regime at Dixie Valley geothermal field +R. G. Allis  +, Stuart D. Johnson  +, Gregory D. Nash  +,
A model of the subsurface structure at the Rye Patch geothermal reservoir based on surface-to-borehole seismic data +R. Gritto  +, T.M. Daley  +, E.L. Majer  +
A reformulation of USGS volumetric “heat in place” resource estimation method +Sabodh K. Garg  +, Jim Combs  +
A restated conceptual model for the Humboldt House-Rye Patch geothermal resource area, Pershing County, Nevada +R.K. Ellis  +
A review of high-temperature geothermal developments in the Northern Basin and Range Province +W.R. Benoit  +, R.W. Butler  +
A revised conceptual model and analysis of production data for the ahuachapan-chipilapa geothermal field in el Salvador +Julio Eduardo  +, Quijano Cortez  +
A survey of geothermal process heat applications in Guatemala: An Engineering Survey +John H. Altseimer  +, Frederick J. Edeskuty  +
A.T. Ochsner (Personal Communication, 2014) +J. Held  +, F. Henderson  +
AASHTO's Practitioner's Handbook +Center for Environmental Excellence - American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials  +
ACHP - Consultation with Indian Tribes in the Section 106 Review Process: a Handbook +Advisory Council on Historic Preservation  +
ACHP - Meeting the "Reasonable and Good Faith" Identification Standard in Section 106 Review +Advisory Council on Historic Preservation  +
ACHP - Nationwide Programmatic Agreements +Advisory Council on Historic Preservation  +
ACHP - Recommended Approach for Consultation on Recovery of Significant Information from Archeaological Sites +Advisory Council on Historic Preservation  +
ACHP - Relationship of Section 106 to Other Laws +Advisory Council on Historic Preservation  +
ACHP - Section 106 Applicant Toolkit +Advisory Council on Historic Preservation  +
ACHP - Section 106 Regulations Flowchart +Advisory Council on Historic Preservation  +
ACHP's Recommended Approach for Consultation on Recovery of Significant Information from Archaeological Sites +Advisory Council on Historic Preservation  +
ADEC Water Online Application System Website +Alaska Department of Environmental Conservation  +
ADEC Water Permit Search Website +Alaska Department of Environmental Conservation  +
ADOT&PF Application to Construct and Maintain a Driveway or an Approach Road on a Highway Right-Of-Way +Alaska Department of Transportation and Public Facilities  +
AHTD Permit Bond Website +Arkansas State Highway and Transportation Department  +
AZPDES Construction General Permit Fact Sheet +Arizona Department of Environmental Quality  +
Aboveground Storage Tank Operator Handbook (Alaska Department of Environmental Conservation) +Alaska Department of Environmental Conservation  +
Accelerating Investments in the Geothermal Sector, Indonesia (Presentation) +Paul Brophy  +
Accidental Gas Emission From Shallow Pressurized Aquifers At Alban Hills Volcano (Rome, Italy)- Geochemical Evidence Of Magmatic Degassing? +Maria Luisa Carapezza  +, Luca Tarchini  +
Accomplishments At The Great Basin Center For Geothermal Energy +L. Shevenell  +, M. Coolbaugh  +, J. Faulds  +,
Accordance of Utilities on Highway Right-of-Way and Adjustment and Relocation of Utility Facilities on Highway Projects +West Virginia Department of Highways  +
Act 165 Report: A Report to the Vermont General Assembly on Progress toward an MOU Program for Expediting Development of Small and Micro Hydroelectric Projects +Vermont Public Service Department  +
Active Fault Controls At High-Temperature Geothermal Sites- Prospecting For New Faults +John W. Bell  +, Alan R. Ramelli  +
Active Fault Segments As Potential Earthquake Sources- Inferences From Integrated Geophysical Mapping Of The Magadi Fault System, Southern Kenya Rift +Z. N. Kuria  +, T. Woldai  +, F. D. van der Meer  +,
Active Faulting in the Coso Geothermal Field, Eastern California +Unruh  +, J.; Hauksoon  +, E.  +
Active Faulting in the Coso Geothermal Field- Eastern California +Jeffrey R. Unruh  +, Hauksson Egill  +
Active Geothermal Systems And Associated Gold Deposits In The Great Basin +Mark Coolbaugh  +, Greg Arehart  +, Jim Faulds  +,
Active System For Monitoring Volcanic Activity- A Case Study Of The Izu-Oshima Volcano, Central Japan +Hisashi Utada  +, Yuji Takahashi  +, Yuichi Morita  +,
Active and Passive Remote Sensing Diagram +National Aeronautics and Space Administration  +
Addressing Complexity In Laboratory Experiments- The Scaling Of Dilute Multiphase Flows In Magmatic Systems +Alain Burgisser  +, George W. Bergantz  +, Robert E. Breidenthal  +
Addressing the Environmental Impacts of Large Infrastructure Projects at the Department of the Interior: Making “Mitigation” Matter +David J. Hayes  +, Deputy Secretary  +, U.S. Department of the Interior  +
Administration of State Lands Interagency MOA July 2012 +FPR  +, DEC  +, DFW  +
Advanced InSAR Techniques for Geothermal Exploration and Production +Giacomo Falorni  +, Jessica Morgan  +, Mariana Eneva  +
Advanced Mud System for Microhole Coiled Tubing Drilling +Bruce E. Galbierz  +, Kenneth D. Oglesby  +
Advances In Geothermal Resource Exploration Circa 2007 +Francis C. Monastero  +, Mark F. Coolbaugh  +
Advances In The Past 20 Years- Geochemistry In Geothermal Exploration Resource Evaluation And Reservoir Management +Christopher W. Klein  +
Advective (heat sweep) geothermal systems +M. P. Hocstein  +, K. Zheng  +, S. Pasvanoglu  +,
Adventive Hydrothermal Circulation On Stromboli Volcano (Aeolian Islands, Italy) Revealed By Geophysical And Geochemical Approaches- Implications For General Fluid Flow Models On Volcanoes +A. Finizola  +, T. Ricci  +, R. Deiana  +,
Advisory Council on Historic Preservation - §106 Regulations Flowchart Explanatory Material +Advisory Council on Historic Preservation  +
Advisory Council on Historic Preservation website +Advisory Council on Historic Preservation  +
Aeromagnetic Survey And Interpretation, Ascention Island, South Atlantic Ocean +Howard P. Ross  +, Dennis L. Nielson  +, Dale J. Green  +
Aeromagnetic and gravity surveys in the Coso Range, California +Plouff  +, D.; Isherwood  +, W.F.    +
Aeromagnetic map +Zietz and Kirby  +
Aeromagnetic study of the Island of Hawaii +T.G. Hildenbrand  +, J. G. Rosenbaum  +, V. P. Kanalikaua  +
Age And Nature Of Deposits On The Submarine Flanks Of Piton De La Fournaise (Reunion Island) +Jean-Francois Lenat  +, Pierre Boivin  +, Catherine Deniel  +,
Age of the Coso Formation Inyo County California +Charles R. Bacon  +, D. M. Giovannetti  +, W. A. Duffield  +,
Air Force Enhanced Use Lease (EUL) Playbook +Air Force Civil Engineer Center  +
Air Permit Program Application Forms +Division of Air Quality  +
Air Permit Program Information Page +Division of Air Quality  +
Airborne electromagnetic surveys as a reconnaissance technique for geothermal exploration +Christopherson  +, K.R.; Long  +, C.L.; Hoover  +,
Aksaray And Ecemis Faults - Diapiric Salt Relationships- Relevance To The Hydrocarbon Exploration In The Tuz Golu (Salt Lake) Basin, Central Anatolia, Turkey +B. Coskun  +
Alabama Department of Conservation and Natural Resources +Alabama Department of Conservation and Natural Resources  +
Alabama State Lands Webpage +Alabama Department of Conservation and Natural Resources State Lands Division  +
Alabama – Alabama Department of Transportation Utility Manual +Alabama Department of Transportation  +
Alaska - CPCN General Information +Regulatory Commission of Alaska  +
Alaska ADEC Process for Issuing a 401 Waiver of Corps 404 Permits +Alaska Department of Environmental Conservation  +
Alaska ADEC Wetlands Regulation +Alaska Division of Water  +
Alaska APDES Enforcement Response Guide +Alaska Department of Environmental Conservation  +
Alaska Administrative Permit Manual: Oversize and Overweight Permits +Alaska Department of Transportation and Public Facilities  +
Alaska Air Permit Program Webpage +Division of Air Quality  +
Alaska Court System Forms, Instructions, and Publications Website +Alaska Court System  +
Alaska DEC Water Permit Search +Alaska Department of Environmental Conservation  +
Alaska DOT&PF Encroachment Permit Application/Renewal Form +Alaska Department of Transportation and Public Facilities  +
Alaska DOT&PF Utilities Manual +Alaska Department of Transportation and Public Facilities  +
Alaska District US Army Corps of Engineers +US Army Corps of Engineers  +
Alaska Division of Fire and Life Safety - Plan Review Bureau Website +Alaska Division of Fire and Life Safety  +
Alaska Division of Fire and Life Safety Website +Alaska Department of Public Safety  +
Alaska Division of Water - APDES Storm Water Forms Webpage +Alaska Department of Environmental Conservation  +
Alaska Division of Water - General Permit for Excavation Dewatering – Permit Fact Sheet +Alaska Department of Environmental Conservation  +
Alaska Division of Water - Water Online Application System +Alaska Department of Environmental Conservation  +
Alaska Division of Water Permit Fees +Alaska Division of Water  +
Alaska Energy Authority – Hydroelectric Power Webpage +Alaska Energy Authority  +
Alaska General Fish Habitat Permits +Alaska Department of Fish and Game  +
Alaska Highway Preconstruction Manual +Alaska Department of Transportation and Public Facilities  +
Alaska Landmark Register Procedures +Office of History and Archaeology  +
Alaska Local Ordinances Governing Nonpoint Source Pollution +Alaska Department of Commerce  +
Alaska Nonpoint Source Water Pollution Control Strategy +Alaska Department of Environmental Conservation  +
Alaska Oil and Gas Finding of Best Interest +Alaska Department of Natural Resources  +
Alaska Oversize and/or Overweight Permit +Alaska Department of Transportation and Public Facilities  +
Alaska Planning Commission Handbook +Alaska Planning Commission  +
Alaska Public Participation in APDES Permitting Process +Alaska Department of Environmental Conservation  +
Alaska Sample Special Area Permit +Alaska Department of Fish and Game  +
Alaska Special Area General Permits +Alaska Department of Fish and Game  +
Alaska Special Area Regulations +Alaska Department of Fish & Game  +
Alaska Storm Water Construction General Permit +Alaska Department of Environmental Conservation  +
Alaska Storm Water Construction General Permit Fact Sheet +Alaska Department of Environmental Conservation  +
Alaska Storm Water Construction General Permit Forms +Alaska Department of Environmental Conservation  +
Alaska Underground Storage Tanks Website +Division of Spill Prevention and Response  +
Alaska Water Quality Standards +Alaska Department of Environmental Conservation  +
Alberta Energy Electronic Transfer System Webpage +Alberta Ministry of Energy Office  +
Alberta Environment and Parks – Electronic Disposition System +Alberta Government  +
Alberta Ministry of Environment and Parks – Instructions for the Completion of EDS Supplements for Formal Disposition Applications +Alberta Ministry of Environment and Parks  +
Alberta Ministry of Environment and Parks – Public Lands Administration Regulation Formal Disposition Information Letter +Alberta Ministry of Environment and Parks  +
Alberta Ministry of Environment and Parks – Public Lands Dispositions Step Four – Disposition Management Webpage +Alberta Ministry of Environment and Parks  +
Alberta Ministry of Environment and Parks – Public Lands Dispositions Step One-Pre-Application Webpage +Alberta Ministry of Environment and Parks  +
Alberta Ministry of Environment and Parks – Public Lands Dispositions Step Three – Application Review Webpage +Alberta Ministry of Environment and Parks  +
Alberta Ministry of Environment and Parks – Public Lands Dispositions Step Three – Notice of Decision Webpage +Alberta Ministry of Environment and Parks  +
Alberta Ministry of Environment and Parks – Regional Plans Webpage +Alberta Ministry of Environment and Parks  +
Alberta Ministry of Environment and Parks – Site Entry User Guide +Alberta Ministry of Environment and Parks  +
Alberta Ministry of Transportation Website +Alberta Ministry of Transportation  +
Alberta Municipal Affairs – Legislative Framework for Regional and Municipal Planning, Subdivision, and Development Control +Alberta Municipal Affairs  +
Alberta Utilities Commission – Review Process Steps Webpage +Alberta Utilities Commission  +
Alberta Utilities Commission – e-Filing System User Guide +Alberta Utilities Commission  +
Alberta Utilities Commission – e-filing Webpage +Alberta Utilities Commission  +
Alberta Utility Commission Rule 001: Rules of Practice +Alberta Utilities Commission  +
Alberta Utility Commission Rule 007: Applications for Power Plants, Substations, Transmission Lines, Industrial System Designations and Hydro Developments +Alberta Utility Commission  +
Alberta – Guidelines on Consultation with First Nations on Land and Natural Resource Management +Alberta Ministry of Environment and Parks  +
Alberta – Guidelines on Consultation with Metis Settlements on Land and Natural Resource Management +Alberta Ministry of Environment and Parks  +
Alberta – Land-use Framework +Alberta Ministry of Environment and Parks  +
Alberta – Proponent Guide to First Nation and Metis Settlements Consultation Procedures +Government of Alberta  +
Alpine Extensional Detachment Tectonics In The Grande Kabylie Metamorphic Core Complex Of The Maghrebides (Northern Algeria) +A. Saadallah  +, R. Caby  +
Alteration And Geochemical Zoning In Bodie Bluff, Bodie Mining District, Eastern California +P. A. Herrera  +, L. G. Closs  +, M. L. Silberman  +
Alteration Patterns In Volcanic Rocks Within An East-West Traverse Through Central Nicaragua +M. Darce  +, B. Levi  +, J. O. Nystrom  +,
Altered Tectonic and Hydrothermal Breccias in Corehole VC-1, Valles Caldera, New Mexico +Jeffrey B. Hulen  +, Dennis L. Nielson  +
Alternative Carriers For Remote Renewable Energy Sources Using Existing Cng Infrastructure +Robert R. Dickinson  +, David L. Battye  +, Valerie M. Linton  +,
Alternative Earth Resources INC. +Brian D. Fairbank  +
Alternative Fuels - A New Field For Mine Surveying +A. Preusse  +, C. Herzog  +
Aluto-Langano Geothermal Field, Ethiopian Rift Valley- Physical Characteristics And The Effects Of Gas On Well Performance +B. Gizaw  +
American Bar Association Waters of the U.S. Rule Webpage +American Bar Association  +
American Council On Renewable Energy—The Outlook For Renewable Energy In America (2014) +American Council On Renewable Energy  +
American Public Power Association – Joint Ownership of Transmission +American Public Power Association  +
America’s Power Plan: Siting – Finding a Home for Renewable Energy and Transmission +Carl Zichella  +, Johnathan Hladik  +
An Analysis Of The Bipole-Dipole Method Of Resistivity Surveying +Abhijit Dey  +, H. F. Morrison  +
An Analytical Study Of A 2-Layer Transient Thermal Conduction Problem As Applied To Soil-Temperature Surveys +T. H. Larson  +, A. T. Hsui  +
An Approach to Problems of a Geothermal Mercury Survey, Puna, Hawaii +Malcolm E. Cox  +
An Archean Oceanic Felsic Dyke Swarm In A Nascent Arc- The Hunter Mine Group, Abitibi Greenstone Belt, Canada +J. Dostal  +, W. Mueller  +
An Assessment Of The External Radiological Impact In Areas Of Greece With Elevated Natural Radioactivity +H. Florou  +, G. Trabidou  +, G. Nicolaou  +
An Attempt To Use Aerial Gamma-Ray Spectrometry Results In Petrochemical Assessments Of The Volcanic And Plutonic Associations Of Central Anatolia (Turkey) +I. Aydin  +, M. S. Aydogan  +, E. Oksum  +,
An Audio-Magnetotelluric Investigation In Terceira Island (Azores) +F. A. M. Santos  +, A. Trota  +, A. Soares  +,
An Audiomagnetotelluric Survey Over The Chaves Geothermal Field (Ne Portugal) +Fernando Acacio Monteiro Santos  +, Andre Dupis  +, Antonio Roque Andrade Afonso  +,
An EGS Stimulation Experiment Under Low Wellhead Pressures +Peter Rose  +, Jess McCulloch  +, Mike Adams  +,
An Embarrassment Of Riches- Canada'S Energy Supply Resources +John B. Robinson  +
An Empirical Na-K-Ca Geothermometer For Natural Waters +R. O. Fournier  +, A. H. Truesdell  +
An Evaluation Of Exploration Methods For Low-Temperature Geothermal Systems In The Artesian-City Area, Idaho +E. M. Struhsacker  +, C. Smith  +, R. M. Capuano  +
An Experimental Study Of Hydromagmatic Fragmentation Through Energetic, Non-Explosive Magma-Water Mixing +L. G. Mastin  +, O. Spieler  +, W. S. Downey  +
An Expert System For The Tectonic Characterization Of Ancient Volcanic Rocks +Julian A. Pearce  +
An Improved Equilibrium-Kinetics Speciation Algorithm For Redox Reactions In Variably Saturated Subsurface Flow Systems +Tianfu Xu  +, Karsten Pruess  +, George Brimhall  +
An Improved Model To Forecast Co2 Leakage Rates Along A Wellbore +Qing Tao  +, Dean Checkai  +, Nicolas Huerta  +,
An Initial Value of Information (VOI) Framework for Geophysical Data Applied to the Exploration of Geothermal Energy +Whitney J. Trainor-Guitton  +, Abelardo Ramirez  +, John Ziagos  +,
An Integrated Geophysical Analysis Of The Upper Crust Of The Southern Kenya Rift +S. M. Simiyu  +, G. R. Keller  +
An Integrated Geophysical Study Of The Geothermal Field Of Tule Chek, Bc, Mexico +ReneE Chavez  +
An Integrated Geophysical Study Of The Northern Kenya Rift +Nicolas O. Mariita  +, G. Randy Keller  +
An Integrated Mapping And Remote Sensing Investigation Of The Structural Control For Fumarole Location In The Eburru Volcanic Complex, Kenya Rift +Jesus M. Veladorl  +, Peter A. Omenda  +, Elizabeth Y. Anthony  +
An Integrated Model For The Geothermal Field Of Milos From Geophysical Experiments +M. Fytikas  +, J. D. Garnish  +, V. R. S. Hutton  +,
An Integrated Model For The Temporal Evolution Of Andesites And Rhyolites And Crustal Development In New Zealand'S North Island +Richard C. Price  +, John A. Gamble  +, Ian E. M. Smith  +,
An Integrated Study Method For Exploration Of Gas Hydrate Reservoirs In Marine Areas +C. Y. Sun  +, B. H. Niu  +, P. F. Wen  +,
An Introduction to Electric Power Transmission +Western Governors' Association  +
An Investigation Of The Potential For Geothermal-Energy Recovery In The Calgary Area In Southern Alberta, Canada, Using Petroleum-Exploration Data +H. L. Lam  +, F. W. Jones  +
An Isotopic Study of the Coso California Geothermal Area +R.O. Fournier  +, J.M. Thompson  +
An Overview of Environmental Issues: Roosevelt Hot Springs KGRA, Utah: Geothermal Noise Effects +Philip Leitner  +
An Overview of Hydrothermal Alteration and Vein Mineralization in Continental Scientific Drilling Program Core Hole VC-2B, Valles Caldera, New Mexico +Jeffrey B. Hulen  +, Jamie N. Gardner  +, Fraser E. Goff  +,
An Overview of Industry–Military Cooperation in the Development of Power Operations at the Coso Geothermal Field in Southern California +Francis C. Monastero  +
An Oxygen Isotope Study Of Hydrothermal Alteration In The Lake City Caldera, San Juan Mountains, Colorado +Peter B. Larson  +, Hugh P. Taylor Jr  +
An Oxygen Isotope Study Of Silicates In The Larderello Geothermal Field, Italy +Eleonora Petrucci  +, Giovanni Gianelli  +, Mariano Puxeddu  +,
An Updated Conceptual Model Of The Los Humeros Geothermal Reservoir (Mexico) +V. M. Arellano  +, A. GarcIa  +, R. M. Barragan  +,
An Updated Conceptual Model Of The Travale Geothermal Field Based On Recent Geophysical And Drilling Data +A. Duprat  +, P. Ungemach  +
An Updated Numerical Model Of The Larderello-Travale Geothermal System, Italy +Paolo Romagnoli  +, Alessia Arias  +, Antonio Barelli  +,
An active seismic reconnaissance survey of the Mount Princeton area, Chaffee County, Colorado +J.S. Crompton  +
An appraisal of Colorado's geothermal resources +J.K. Barrett  +, R.H. Pearl  +
An early history of pure shear in the upper plate of the raft river metamorphic core complex- black pine mountains, southern Idaho +Wells  +, M.L.; Allmendinger  +, R.W.    +
An introduction to electrical resistivity in geophysics +Rhett Herman  +
An investigation of the Dixie Valley geothermal field, Nevada, using temporal moment analysis of tracer tests +Marshall J. Reed  +
An isotopic study of the Coso, California, geothermal area +Fournier  +, R.O.; Thompson  +, J.M.    +
An overview of industry–military cooperation in the development of power operations at the Coso geothermal field in southern California +Francis C. Monastero  +
An overview of the geology and secondary mineralogy of the high temperature geothermal system in Dixie Valley, Nevada +A. F. Waibel  +
Analysis Of Application Of Electronics In Exploration And Exploitation Of Geothermal-Energy Sources In India +R. Devanathan  +
Analysis Of Factors Affecting Natural Source Slf Electromagnetic Exploration At Geothermal Wells +Q. M. Qin  +, B. S. Li  +, R. B. Cui  +,
Analysis Of Geothermal Resources In Northern Switzerland +T. Kohl  +, I. Engelhardt  +, S. Signorelli  +
Analysis Of Hot Springs And Associated Deposits In Yellowstone National Park Using Aster And Aviris Remote Sensing +Melanie J. Hellman  +, Michael S. Ramsey  +
Analysis Of Macroscopic Fractures In Granite In The Hdr Geothermal Well Eps-1, Soultz-Sous-Forets, France +Albert Genter  +, Herve Traineau  +
Analysis Of Multiple Scattering At Vesuvius Volcano, Italy, Using Data Of The Tomoves Active Seismic Experiment +Ulrich Wegler  +
Analysis Procedure And Equipment For Deep Geoelectrical Soundings In Noisy Areas +L. Alfano  +, E. Carrara  +, G. Pascale  +,
Analysis of borehole temperature data from the Mt. Princeton Hot Springs area, Chaffee County, Colorado (abstract only) +P. Morgan  +
Analytical-Numerical Modeling Of Komatiite Lava Emplacement And Thermal Erosion At Perseverance, Western Australia +David A. Williams  +, Ross C. Kerr  +, C. Michael Lesher  +,
Anatahan, Northern Mariana Islands- Reconnaissance Geological Observations During And After The Volcanic Crisis Of Spring 1990, And Monitoring Prior To The May 2003 Eruption +Scott K. Rowland  +, John P. Lockwood  +, Frank A. Trusdell  +,
Anatomy Of A Middle Miocene Valles-Type Caldera Cluster- Geology Of The Okueyama Volcano-Plutonic Complex, Southwest Japan +Masaki Takahashi  +
Annex 7 - The Iea'S Role In Advanced Geothermal Drilling +John Travis Finger  +, Eddie Ross Hoover  +
Anomalous shear wave attenuation in the shallow crust beneath the Coso volcanic region, California +Sanders  +, C.; Ho-Liu  +, P.; Rinn  +,
Anomalously High B-Values In The South Flank Of Kilauea Volcano, Hawaii- Evidence For The Distribution Of Magma Below Kilauea'S East Rift Zone +M. Wyss  +, F. Klein  +, K. Nagamine  +,
Apacheta, A New Geothermal Prospect In Northern Chile +Luis Urzua  +, Tom Powell  +, William B. Cumming  +,
Apparent Welding Textures In Altered Pumice-Rich Rocks +Cathryn C. Gifkins  +, Rodney L. Allen  +, Jocelyn McPhie  +
Appendix S-50 - Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) - Public Utilities Commission +Public Utilities Commission  +
Appendix S-51 - Transmission Line Approval - Public Utilities Commission +Public Utilities Commission  +
Applicable EPA Regulations and Description Website +Environmental Protection Agency  +
Application And Evaluation Of Biomagnetic And Biochemical Monitoring Of The Dispersion And Deposition Of Volcanically-Derived Particles At Mt Etna, Italy +B. M. Quayle  +, T. A. Mather  +, M. L. I. Witt  +,
Application Of 3D Inversion To Magnetotelluric Data In The Ogiri Geothermal Area, Japan +Toshihiro Uchida  +
Application Of A Spherical-Radial Heat Transfer Model To Calculate Geothermal Gradients From Measurements In Deep Boreholes +Fernando Ascencio  +, Fernando Samaniego  +, Jesus Rivera  +
Application Of Active Audiomagnetotellurics (Aamt) In The Geothermal Field Of Travale, Tuscany +J. Otten  +, G. Musmann  +
Application Of Airborne Thermal Infrared Imagery To Geothermal Exploration +D. H. Vice  +
Application Of An Artificial Neural Network Model To A Na-K Geothermometer +A. Ferhat Bayram  +
Application Of Electrical Resistivity And Gravimetry In Deep Geothermal Exploration +T. Meidav  +
Application Of Fluid Inclusion And Rock-Gas Analysis In Mineral Exploration +Stephen E. Kesler  +, Patricia S. Haynes  +, Michael Z. Creech  +,
Application Of Geochemical Methods In The Search For Geothermal Fields +Zhu Bingqiu  +, Zhu Lixin  +, Shi Changyi  +,
Application Of Geothermal Energy To The Supply Of Electricity In Rural Areas +R. Cataldi  +, P. Di Mario  +, T. Leardini  +
Application Of Gravity And Deep Dipole Geoelectrics In The Volcanic Area Of Mt Etna (Sicily) +M. Loddo  +, D. Patella  +, R. Quarto  +,
Application Of High-Resolution Thermal Infrared Sensors For Geothermal Exploration At The Salton Sea, California +K. A. Reath  +, M. Ramsey  +, D. M. Tratt  +
Application Of Remote Sensing To Geothermal Prospecting +D. T. Hodder  +
Application Of Resistivity Surveying To Geothermal Exploration In The Puga Valley, India +S. B. Singh  +, R. K. Drolia  +, S. R. Sharma  +,
Application Of Resistivity Surveying To Geothermal-Exploration In The Puga Valley, India +S. B. Singh  +, R. K. Drolia  +, S. R. Sharma  +,
Application Of Selected Geothermometers To Exploration Of Low-Enthalpy Thermal Water- The Sudetic Geothermal Region In Poland +P. Adam  +, D. Jan  +
Application Of Selected Geothermometers To Exploration Of Low-Enthalpy Thermal Water- The Sudetic Geothermal Region In Poland (Vol 58, Pg 1629, 2009) +A. Porowski  +, J. Dowgiallo  +
Application Of Subsurface Temperature Measurements In Geothermal Prospecting In Iceland +olafur G. Flovenz  +
Application Of Telluric-Telluric Profiling Combined With Magnetotelluric And Self-Potential Methods To Geothermal Exploration In The Fujian Province, China +Van-Ngoc Pham  +, D Boyer  +, Xue Cheng Yuan & Shao Cheng Liu  +
Application Of The Gauss Theorem To The Study Of Silicic Calderas- The Calderas Of La Primavera, Los Azufres, And Los Humeros (Mexico) +J. O. Campos-Enriquez  +, F. Dominguez-Mendez  +, M. Lozada-Zumaeta  +,
Application Of The Geomechanical Facies Approach And Comparison Of Exploration And Evaluation Methods Used At Soultz-Sous-Forts (France) And Spa Urach (Germany) Geothermal Sites +H. Tenzer  +, C. H. Park  +, O. Kolditz  +,
Application Of The Sp Technique Over Lagadas Low Enthalpy Geothermal Field, Greece +C. Thanassoulas  +, A. Lazou  +
Application Review Policy for PBS and CBS Registration Applications (DER-12) +Carl Johnson  +
Application Submittal Guidance for Stormwater Permits and Post-Authorization Stormwater Permit Correspondence +The Department of Environmental Conservation  +
Application for a Certificate of Public Good for Net Metered Power Systems that are Non-Photovoltaic Systems Up to 150 kW (AC) in Capacity +Vermont Public Utility Commission  +
Application of (U-Th)/He Thermochronometry as a Geothermal Exploration Tool in Extensional Tectonic Settings: The Wassuk Range, Hawthorne, Nevada +Kyle Gorynski  +, Danny Stockli  +, J. Douglas Walker  +,
Application of the Australian Geothermal Reporting Code to "Conventional" Geothermal Projects +Jim Lawless  +, Zim Aunzo  +, Jose Seastres Jr.  +
Application of thermal depletion model to geothermal reservoirs with fracture and pore permeability +Kasameyer  +, P. W.; Schroeder  +, R. C.    +
Applications of Radar Interferometry to Detect Surface Deformation in Geothermal Areas of Imperial Valley in Southern California +Mariana Eneva  +, David Adams  +, Giacomo Falorni  +,
Applications of the VLF Induction Method For Studying Some Volcanic Processes of Kilauea Volcano, Hawaii +Charles J. Zablocki  +
Applied Sedimentology +R.C. Salley  +
Applied Technology In The Solution Of Geothermal Drilling Problems Of Deep Wells In La Primavera Caldera (Mexico) +S. Santoyo-Gutierrez  +, A. Garcia  +, M. Morales  +,
Applied Volcanology In Geothermal-Exploration In Iceland +I. B. Fridleifsson  +
Appropriate Use of USGS Volumetric “Heat in Place” Method and Monte Carlo Calculations +Sabodh K. Garg  +, Jim Combs  +
Aqueous Fluids Derived From A Subducting Slab- Observed High 3He Emanation And Conductive Anomaly In A Non-Volcanic Region, Kii Peninsula Southwest Japan +Koji Umeda  +, Yasuo Ogawa  +, Koichi Asamori  +,
Aquifer Chemistry Of The Puga And Chumatang High Temperature Geothermal Systems In India +V. K. Saxena  +, Franco D'Amore  +
Aquifer Chemistry Of Thermal Waters Of The Godavari Valley, India +V. K. Saxena  +, Mohan L. Gupta  +
Aquifers And Groundwater Within Active Shield Volcanoes, Evolution Of Conceptual Models In The Piton De La Fournaise Volcano +Jean-Lambert Join  +, Jean-Luc Folio  +, Bernard Robineau  +
Ar-40/Ar-39 Age Constraints for the Jaramillo Normal Subchron and the Matuyama-Brunhes Geomagnetic Boundary +Glen A. Izett  +, John D. Obradovich  +
Arabian-Anatolian Plate Movements And Related Trends In Southeast Turkey'S Oilfields +B. Coskun  +
Arc To Rift Transitional Volcanism In The Santa Rosalia Region, Baja California Sur, Mexico +Andrew G. Conly  +, James M. Brenan  +, Herve Bellon  +,
Argillization Processes At The El Berrocal Analogue Granitic System (Spain)- Mineralogy, Isotopic Study And Implications For The Performance Assessment Of Radwaste Geological Disposal +L. Perez del Villar  +, E. Reyes  +, A. Delgado  +,
Argon Accumulation And The Crustal Degassing Flux Of40Ar In The Great Artesian Basin, Australia +T. Torgersen  +, B. M. Kennedy  +, H. Hiyagon  +,
Argonne National Laboratory's Solar Energy Development Programmatic EIS Website +Argonne National Laboratory  +
Arizona Department of Environmental Quality's AZPDES Website +Arizona Department of Environmental Quality  +
Arizona Department of Environmental Quality's Application Forms and Guidance Website +Arizona Department of Environmental Quality  +
Arizona Department of Environmental Quality's General Permits Website +Arizona Department of Environmental Quality  +
Arizona Department of Environmental Quality's Individual Permits Website +Arizona Department of Environmental Quality  +
Arizona Right-of-Way Instruction Sheet +Arizona State Land Department  +
Arizona State Land Department Applications and Permits Website +Arizona State Land Department  +
Arizona State Land Department Rights-of-Way Website +Arizona State Land Department  +
Arkansas Commissioner of State Lands Website +Arkansas Commissioner of State Lands  +
Arkansas State Highway and Transportation Department – Utility Accommodation Policy Document +Arkansas Highway and Transportation Department  +
Arkansas State Highway and Transportation Department: State Highway Right-of-Way Utility Permit Website AHTD Permit Bond website +Arkansas State Highway and Transportation Department  +
Arkansas – Department of Environmental Quality – ePortal System +Arkansas Department of Environmental Quality  +
Arkansas – Game and Fish Commission – State Wildlife Action Plan +Arkansas Game and Fish Commission  +
Army Corps of Engineers - Regulatory Guidance Letters +Army Corps of Engineers  +
Army Enhanced Use Lease (EUL) website +U.S. Army Corps of Engineers  +
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BLM Approves Salt Wells Geothermal Energy Projects +Colleen Sievers  +
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