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ProForm is a software tool designed to support a basic assessment of the environmental and financial impacts of renewable energy and energy efficiency projects. ProForm calculates basic financial indicators and avoided emissions of CO2 and local air pollutants expected from a project.

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This tool is included in the Development Impacts Assessment (DIA) Toolkit from the LEDS Global Partnership.


ProForm is an Excel spreadsheet that assists in the calculation of environmental and financial benefits of renewable energy projects that involve either electricity generation or non-electric energy production, as well as for energy efficiency projects that save electricity and/or fossil fuels.

When to Use This Tool

This tool is most useful for development impacts assessments focused on:

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Learn more about the topics for assessing the impacts of low-emission development strategies (LEDS).

Key Outputs

Internal rate of return and net present value with and without revenue from carbon credits. ProForm also calculates emissions of CO2 and several local air pollutants that may be avoided as a result of a project.

How to Use This Tool

Training Available
Manual and other walkthrough materials are provided; Basic finance knowledge required

Level of Expertise

Key Inputs

Basic performance and cost data per technology used, number of units to be installed in a year, fuel use or electricity offset

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