Pan African Vision for the Environment (PAVE)

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"The Pan African Vision for the environment (PAVE) is an independent, not- for profit organisation whose headquarters is located in Lagos, Nigeria. Established in 1998 and registered with the Nigerian National Commission for UNESCO under the auspices of the Federal Ministry of Education. Since then it has operated with considerable measure of success as a unique NGO, putting into place demand responsible approaches for the execution of its programmes. As a learning and training organisation, PAVE blends a diverse range of expertise in social, health, engineering, management and information fields for professional service delivery, in collaboration with local, regional and international sector institutions. KEY FUNCTIONS AND ISSUES - Support water and sanitation policy development affecting service access for the poor. - Promotes innovative approaches to water and sanitation sector development. - Disseminates information relating to the sector. - Conducts training programmes aimed at equipping the sector professionals with practical and innovative approaches to programme implementation and learns from practical application. - Promotes the establishment of strong partnerships for coordinated sector development. - Promotes Gender and equity, particularly the participation of women in water issues - Promotes the development and use of GIS in the water and sanitation sector. - Entrepreneurial management of water and sanitation services. - Involved in Integrated Water Resources Management - Promotes Water, Sanitation, and Hygiene Education in schools. - Involved in water, sanitation, and hygiene in disaster and emergency situations. The focus of PAVE activities in the sector is in four main areas namely: - Training programmes [scheduled and on-site customized (tailored) courses] we also organize foreign training programmes including study and technical tours in America, Europe, Asia, etc. - Networking and information services - Applied research and community development. - Advocacy, Advisory and Consultancy Services."

Mission Statement

"PAVE is committed to improving the living conditions of the people in Nigeria and Africa in general particularly the poor, through networking, information dissemination, training, applied research and community development in water and sanitation, using innovative participatory and gender sensitive approaches."