PNNL-MILAGRO Aerosol Modeling in Mexico

From Open Energy Information

"MILGARO surface data includes measurements from Supersites, RAMA (Red Automatica de Monitoreo Atmosferico), Mobile, and Other sites. A description of each site type follows along with a plot of the site locations.


Supersites provide detailed atmospheric chemistry and meteorological measurements; these sites included: T0 (located at the Instituto Mexicano del Petroleo), T1 (located at the Universidad Tecnologica de Tecamac in the State of Mexico) and T2 (located in Rancho La Bisnaga, north of Tizayuca in the State of Hidalgo).


RAMA sites are part of Mexico City's ambient air monitoring network and measure pollutant concentrations and meteorological parameters throughout the city.


Mobile sites include Aerodyne's mobile laboratories, which measure atmospheric chemistry and meteorological measurements at stationary and on-road locations.


Other sites generally consist of meteorological measurements from existing locations and networks throughout Mexico (e.g., the Mexico Weather Service, Servicio Meteorologico Nacional), but were not formally part of the MILAGRO campaign."


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