Open Energy Data Initiative (OEDI)

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Improving Data Access to Enable Advanced Analytics and Research Innovation

The Open Energy Data Initiative (OEDI) aims to improve and automate access of high-value energy datasets across the U.S. Department of Energy’s programs, offices, and national laboratories. Sponsored by DOE, this platform is being implemented by the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) to make data actionable and discoverable by researchers and industry to accelerate analysis and advance innovation.

Improved access will be facilitated through multiple cloud computing platforms and a data lake for enhanced data analysis paradigms. Users can access, query, mash-up, and derive new datasets through the DOE data catalog. The catalog coalesces and links to datasets, makes them more accessible for analysis, and provides context for data uses that will enable advanced analysis and data mash-ups across industries and sectors.

OEDI Goals

  • Make relevant, useful connections between analysts and high-value open data
  • Increase the accessibility and visibility of high-value datasets
  • Engage and collaborate with key stakeholders to determine new datasets to be included and use cases that assist in data analysis
  • Provide a data lake that enables faster, easier, more advanced analysis and computation to accelerate innovation.

OEDI Impact

The impact of the Open Data Initiative will be a robust data lake with analytical functionality to allow for comprehensive data analysis, and a data catalog that coalesces data from multiple hosting locations, including metadata, licensing, and provenance. Sample code snippets (Python Notebooks, SQL Statements) will demonstrate access and query capabilities. Agreements and relationships with cloud vendors will enable sustained data hosting solutions. Stakeholder engagement will inform and encourage collaboration.

Oedi concept.png

Power of Partnerships

The OEDI project is working closely with various cloud hosting partners to ensure each dataset can be hosted and shared with the public in a variety of platforms. In some cases, high-value datasets will be hosted for free; in other cases, DOE will pay for the hosting; but in all cases, OEDI seeks to make data more broadly accessible and discoverable to all public audiences. With these partners, DOE and NREL will increase accessibility, avoid vendor lock-in and encourage shared data on a variety of platforms for broader exposure.


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