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This page is used to coordinate the OpenEI project's plans to collect energy-related images (that have appropriate licensing terms) in the OpenEI Wiki.


  • Import appropriately-licensed energy images from external sources
  • Use Wiki categories to organize images
  • Reference images from appropriate OpenEI pages
  • Develop one or more templates (and associated semantic properties?) for tracking image licensing, source, etc.
  • Develop a mechanism (Widget?) to display attractive image galleries from OpenEI pages
  • Develop a mechanism (MediaWiki Extension?) to attach default alt text content to a Wiki image
    • Might be accomplished via MediaWiki's "ParserMakeImageParams" hook (in combination with a special semantic property that would be set on the image page)


Notes: bolded items are considered high-priority; strikethrough items are completed.


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  1. Woodjr 15:46, 3 November 2010 (MDT)
  2. KCH 10:51, 19 November 2010 (MST)