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This page is used to coordinate the OpenEI project's efforts to optimize our geographic pages. In other words, this project seeks to define and implement the "perfect" page for:

Driving OpenEI Traffic and Impact

We believe that improving these pages could lead to significant gains in OpenEI traffic and usefulness. It is very difficult for us to reach a top spot in Google searches for very broad terms like "energy" or "solar" (although do strive to make that happen over time). It is more realistic immediate goal to have our place pages reach a top spot for specific queries (e.g. making our Colorado page reach a top spot when one searches for "colorado energy" in Google). In aggregate, top placement in search engine results for these place-specific queries could lead to a very large increase in OpenEI traffic.

For example, the Google Keywords Tool currently shows around 15,000 monthly searches for "colorado energy" (or approximately 500 searches per day). If we could become a top result for that search and just 20% of searchers clicked on our link, OpenEI could receive approximately 100 new visitors per day. Now if we assume that Colorado is a fairly average state for such searches, achieving similar results across all fifty states could lead to approximately 5000 new visitors per day. Of course, these estimates are all very rough--but it does seem reasonable to expect that significantly improving the contents and inbound links for our place pages could lead to a significant improvement in overall OpenEI traffic and impact.


  • Select initial targets
    • Proposal: start with state pages--and, more specifically, the Colorado page (since it is likely to be very familiar for many OpenEI folks)
      • Sandbox pages (with dynamic data retrieval and display) have been created for California and Colorado. Also, a general static mockup page (without dynamic data retrieval and display) has been created to experiment with an entirely new layout scheme. Please feel free to modify any of these pages to try out your ideas.
      • Also, see Category:Experimental Templates for the new templates used in the dynamic sandbox pages.
  • Identify optimal content, data (tables, charts, etc), images (maps, etc), tools (links, screenshots), and other resources that should be covered in each page.
  • Develop a visual design for the optimal page.
  • Determine if any new system capabilities are required to power the optimal place page
    • For example, do we need better ability to query into OpenEI datasets from our wiki pages?
    • Or perhaps we need the ability to include true spatial operations in our queries?
  • Implement changes on selected target pages
  • Search engine optimization
    • Analyze and improve internal page content and structure
    • Drive inbound links to the page (by identifying and contacting appropriate sources, such as other state-related DOE pages, state energy offices, etc.)
    • See also: "Search Engine Optimization" project page
  • Gather feedback, monitor analytics, etc., to determine if new pages are useful and driving increased traffic

Targeted Contents

This list includes specific pieces of information that we hope to include in each place page.

  • Population (requested by: Witt Sparks)
    • Potential Source: DBpedia (which, in turn, draws upon U.S. Census figures)
  • Energy Consumption (requested by: Witt Sparks)
    • Potential Source: EIA State Energy Data System (example: Colorado) This has energy consumption information by state, but not for other geographic entities
    • The following data would allow us to provide average energy use per person and per square foot:
    • Not sure where to get this data for cities / counties. Perhaps user contributed?
  • Energy Production (TODO: validate that this is useful)
  • DOE Recovery Act Funding and Recipients (TODO: validate that this is useful)
  • Electicity Generation Facilities (TODO: validate that this is useful)
  • Wind Potential (TODO: validate that this is useful)
  • Solar Potential (TODO: validate that this is useful)
    • Potential Source: TBD; does anyone know of a solar equivalent to [3]?
  • Geothermal Potential (TODO: validate that this is useful)
    • Potential Source: TBD; does anyone know of a geothermal equivalent to [4]?
  • Hydropower Potential (TODO: validate that this is useful)
    • Potential Source: TBD; does anyone know of a hydropower equivalent to [5]?


Please list non-OpenEI pages that you believe are good examples of providing energy information related to a particular place.


Note: to become part of this project, put # ~~~~ at the bottom of this section.

  1. Woodjr 13:22, 11 November 2010 (MST)
  2. Jweers 22:56, 17 April 2011 (MDT)