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This page is for referencing information that will appear on the upcoming Oil & Gas Gateway. This will be used to coordinate our efforts in finding information and data, and deciding how to represent that information on the gateway and subsequent pages from the gateway.

Information and data for the Gateway:

Topic Subtopic Source/Issue Relevance to Gateway
State Oil and Gas Boards data well data State of Mississippi example This website is a good example of state well data. The data is open to the public, and there are tons of datasets related to well data and well sites. Information of this nature will be great for adding content to OpenEI, as well as for a visualization map of well sites across the U.S., a continental view of the U.S. with links to each state board, and a link to the dataset held in the datasets area of OpenEI
State Oil and Gas Boards Data Oil Production Charts State of Mississippi example This is a good example of some state oil production charts that are in the public domain, and good historical visualization for OpenEI.
USGS Assessment Data The U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) has assessed undiscovered oil and natural gas potential for 212 geological provinces throughout the world as part of the US Oil and Gas Assessment, Circum-Arctic Oil and Gas Resource Appraisal and World Energy Assessment Information could be used for visualization of assessment data in the form of a map