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This page describes the process administrators should use for blocking users that are creating wiki spam on OpenEI.

Blocking the user

  • Visit history for offending page.
  • Find user who created page. Select "block" next to user id.
  • The Block User page will display with the userid automatically populated in the form.
  • Choose Expiry "infinite".
  • Choose Reason "Spamming links to external sites".
  • Choose each of the following checkbox:
    • "Prevent account creation"
    • "Prevent user from sending e-mail"
    • "Watch this user's user and talk pages"
  • NOTE: Leave "Automatically block the last IP address used by this user" unchecked as it errantly will block incorrect IP addresses. And blocking the userid is sufficient as OpenEI currently requires user registration.

These steps will prevent the designated userid from creating new pages. They will still be able to login to OpenEI, but will no longer be able to create new content.

Deleting content

  • Delete any offending pages, giving reason "Vandalism".

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