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EGS Collab Daily Shift Report

Date:  10/29/19

Written by:  Hunter A. Knox

SURF Personnel/Guide: Carlo Primo & Chris Strickland

Location(s): 4850 West Access Drift Collab/SIGMA-V site



Goal for today was to calibrate the temperature measurements downhole. This included performing a short shut-in on the injection interval, calibrating the thermistor DAQ, pulling the production packer, and calibrating the thermistor in the production interval.


Thermistor DAQ Calibration: We found that hooking up calibrated resistors to the DAQ (via a decade box) that the DAQ was registering all resistances within tolerance. A scientific report will follow.


10 29 1.png

Figure 1: Chris Strickland performs calibration of the thermistor DAQ.

Decade Box Calibration: We calibrated the new decade box and found that the resistors were within tolerance. This coupled with the thermistor DAQ calibration showed that the DAQ was performing within spec.

10 29 2.png

Figure 2: Notes from DAQ Calibration with decade box and calibration of decade box.

Extraction of the Production Packer: Upon deflation of the production packer, we found that the package was immovable. Thanks to a heroic effort by SURF and the crew on the 4100 (i.e. the delivery of a Pulls All), the production packer was extracted from the borehole and presented for inspection. The packer was found to be covered in participate and the interval was found to be full of sledge. Elements to be more thoroughly inspected.

10 29 3.jpg

Figure 3: Packer "Art"; significant deposition has occurred and the packer interval was found to be nearly full (if not completely) full of sledge.


Calibration of the Production Packer Thermistor: We extracted the interval temperature probe and began a calibration of the probe (against a standard) in the chiller bath. The initial results of this test indicate that the probe is operating within spec. We note that a recreation of the “Borehole Environment” was attempted but should be further evaluated. More to come tomorrow.


Cleaning of the Khloen Pump: Pump was found to have a significant leak likely caused by blockage in the lines. Repair is ongoing.


Lead Researcher:  Hunter Knox


Documents or Procedures: JHAs: EGS-015


Inspections: Electrical connections, collar of all well heads and packers


Materials Receiving/Shipping: none


Comments:  A circuit (#23 – to be confirmed tomorrow) was found to be tripped. This powers the ML-CASSM system. This needs to be evaluated by EGS Collab and SURF Personnel.


Recommendations: N/A


Irregularities: Production packer was temporarily stuck.


Acts of Safety: Communications and walk down during packer extraction was conducted.


Near Misses or Incidents:  N/A


EGS Collab Personnel Hours (Surface and Underground):




Surface Hours

Underground Hours

Time In

Time Out

Time In

Time Out


Hunter Knox (PNNL)






Chris Strickland (PNNL)






Ben Roberts (PNNL)






Carlo Primo (LBNL)








10 29 4.png

Figure 4: Tool Box