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NEPA Document Collection for: NVN-088208
CU at Aurora Geothermal Area for Geothermal/Exploration,

CU of Ground Gravity Survey at Aurora Geothermal Project for Geothermal/Exploration

Proposed Action

Conduct non-ground-disturbing gravity survey over a block that includes both on-lease and off-lease areas.

See US Department of Agriculture Forest Service website for additional information and tiered documents. These documents are also included in the NEPA database.

For related documents in the NEPA database, see:

USDA-FS-EA-NV-030-06-025 2007
USDA-FS-EA-NV-030-06-025 2012

Data Completion Notes

5/16/2014 Added Aurora Geothermal Area to geothermal areas database. MB

  • Tiered Doc: Need USFS EA to link to;
  • Application Type: NOI
  • Geothermal Area: Aurora (needs to be added)


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