Missouri Department of Transportation

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The Missouri Department of Transportation is committed to providing the public with a safe and modern transportation system. MoDOT designs, builds and maintains roads and bridges and works to improve airports, river ports, railroads, public transit systems and pedestrian and bicycle travel. The agency also administers motor carrier and highway safety programs. MoDOT works with the public, transportation partners, state and federal legislators, and other state and local agencies to provide a safe and efficient transportation system to the people of Missouri.

There are a total of 33,884 miles of roadway within the state of Missouri. Roadways are considered either major or minor depending on the amount of traffic that they serve. Major routes make up about 20% of Missouri's roadways but handle nearly 80% of the traffic while minor routes make up about 80% of Missouri roadways but only handle about 20% of the traffic.

Mission Our mission is to provide a world-class transportation experience that delights our customers and promotes a prosperous Missouri.

Missouri Highways and Transportation Commission

The Missouri Highways and Transportation Commission is a six-member, bipartisan board that governs the Missouri Department of Transportation. Commission members are appointed for six-year terms by the governor and are confirmed by the Missouri Senate. No more than three commission members may be of the same political party. The commission appoints the MoDOT director and the secretary to the commission. The director is responsible for appointing or hiring all other employees.