Mexico-NAMA on Reducing GHG Emissions in the Cement Sector

From Open Energy Information

"This interim report presents the preliminary results of the first phase of the study – an evaluation of sectoral approach issues and opportunities in the cement sector. The first phase of the analysis focused on cement because the cement industry is relatively uncomplicated, with a limited number of production processes, and the primary product is reasonably uniform. Coupled with the past efforts and advances in GHG emissions reporting made under the Cement Sustainability Initiative (CSI), these factors allow cement to serve as a good test case to illustrate both the potential advantages and difficulties of sectoral approaches. In 2009, the study will be expanded to include similar analyses of the iron and steel, electric power, and aluminum industries in China, Brazil and Mexico."


  1.  "CCAP-Mexico-NAMA on Reducing GHG Emissions in the Cement Sector"