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The marine and hydrokinetic industry is a newly emerging field that only has a handful of demonstration projects in U.S. waters. Marine and hydrokinetic technologies capture energy from oceans and rivers—including waves, tides, ocean currents, free-flowing rivers, streams, and ocean thermal gradients—to generate electricity. Although these technologies are at a very early stage of development, they hold significant promise for adding to our nation’s renewable energy portfolio.

News & Events

Marine and Hydrokinetic Events

Marine and Hydrokinetic News

Marine and Hydrokinetic Databases

Marine and Hydrokinetic Tools

Open Source Codes

  • CACTUS - Code for Axial and Cross-flow Turbine Simulation
  • HARP_Opt - Code for airfoil and hydrofoil blade-design optimization
  • WEC-Sim - Wave Energy Converter Simulation tool to assess energy capture and power performance
  • MAP - Mooring Analysis Program
  • PyTurbSim - Code for producing realistic turbulent inflow for turbine device simulation
  • DOLfYN - Hydrokinetic turbine inflow measurement data processing and analysis tools
  • Total tidal power calculation tools provide a consistent toolset for calculating total tidal power from tidal ellipse data
  • JEDI Jobs and Economic Development Impacts Marine and Hydrokinetic Power Model (NREL)

Marine and Hydrokinetic Reports

University of Victoria, West Coast Wave Initiative, Scale Model WEC Testing
Reference Model Project Reports and Documents
National Marine Renewable Energy Centers Publications
WEC Modeling
MHK Cost Reduction Pathway White Papers
MHK LCOE Reporting Guidance and Cost Breakdown Structure

MHK Risk Assessment Framework
Department of Energy Reports:
MHK Tech Papers
  • MHK Tech Papers Blog: The purpose of this blog is to aggregate and organize technical papers as they relate to the development of MHK technologies
Final Reports From Department of Energy Funded Projects:

Marine and Hydrokinetic Guidance

Water Power Stakeholders

Information about the major stakeholders in the water power industry, such as name, web address, sector, and more.