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|Place Name=Maine
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Maine is a state in the United States of America.
Maine is a state in the United States of America.
{{Incentives For Place}}
{{Incentives For Place}}

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Maine is a state in the United States of America.

Energy Incentives for Maine

  1. Air Permits, Licenses, Certifications (Maine)
  2. An Act to Facilitate Testing and Demonstration of Renewable Ocean Energy Technology (Maine)
  3. An Act to Implement the Recommendations of the Governor's Ocean Energy Task Force (Maine)
  4. An Act to Reform Land Use Planning in the Unorganized Territory (Maine)
  5. Bangor Hydro Electric Company - Residential and Small Commercial Heat Pump Program (Maine)
  6. Climate Action Plan (Maine)
  7. Community Based Renewable Energy Production Incentive (Pilot Program) (Maine)
  8. Cost of Gas Adjustment for Gas Utilities (Maine)
  9. Economic Recovery Loan Program (Maine)
  10. Efficiency Maine - Home Appliance Rebate Program (Maine)
  11. Efficiency Maine - Home Energy Savings Program (Maine)
  12. Efficiency Maine - Replacement Heating Equipment Program (Maine)
  13. Efficiency Maine Business Program (Maine)
  14. Efficiency Maine Business Programs (Unitil Gas) - Commercial Energy Efficiency Programs (Maine)
  15. Efficiency Maine Multifamily Efficiency Program (Maine)
  16. Efficiency Maine Renewable Energy Program (Maine)
  17. Efficiency Maine Residential Appliance Program (Maine)
  18. Efficiency Maine Residential Lighting Program (Maine)
  19. Efficiency Maine Small Business Loan Program (Maine)
  20. Efficiency Maine Trust (Maine)
  21. Efficiency Maine Trust - Renewable Resource Fund (Maine)
  22. Employment Tax Increment Financing Program (Maine)
  23. Energy Efficiency Targets (Maine)
  24. Energy-Efficient Building Standards for State Facilities (Maine)
  25. Equipment Tax Reimbursement Program (Maine)
  26. Expedited Permitting of Grid-Scale Wind Energy Development (Maine)
  27. Forestry Policies (Maine)
  28. Fuel Mix and Emissions Disclosure (Maine)
  29. Gas Utilities (Maine)
  30. Green Power Offer (Maine)
  31. Green Power Purchasing (Maine)
  32. Home Energy Loan Program (HELP) (Maine)
  33. ISO New England Forward Capacity Market (Multiple States)
  34. Interconnection Standards (Maine)
  35. Intermediary Relending Program (Maine)
  36. Jobs and Investment Tax Credit (Maine)
  37. Linked Investment Program for Commercial Enterprises (Maine)
  38. Loan Insurance Program (Maine)
  39. Local Option - Property Assessed Clean Energy (Maine)
  40. Maine PACE Loans (Maine)
  41. Maine Public Service Company - Residential and Small Commercial Heat Pump Program (Maine)
  42. Maine Rivers Policy (Maine)
  43. Maine Seed Capital Tax Credit Program (Maine)
  44. Maine Waterway Development and Conservation Act (MWDCA) (Maine)
  45. Mainstay Energy Rewards Program - Green Tag Purchase Program (Maine)
  46. Major Business Expansion Bond Program (Maine)
  47. Mandatory Shoreland Zoning Act (Maine)
  48. Mandatory Utility Green Power Option (Maine)
  49. Model Building Energy Code (Maine)
  50. Model Wind Energy Facility Ordinance (Maine)
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