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|Place Name=Louisiana
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Louisiana is a state in the United States of America.
Louisiana is a state in the United States of America.
{{Incentives For Place}}
{{Incentives For Place}}

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Louisiana is a state in the United States of America.

Energy Incentives for Louisiana

  1. Alternative Vehicle Conversion Credits - Corporate (Louisiana)
  2. Alternative Vehicle Conversion Credits - Personal (Louisiana)
  3. Bonding Assistance Program (Louisiana)
  4. Building Energy Code (Louisiana)
  5. City of New Orleans - NOLA Wise Energy Efficiency Loan Program (Louisiana)
  6. City of Shreveport – Shreveport Energy Efficiency Program (SEED) (Louisiana)
  7. Cleco Power - Power Miser New Home Program (Louisiana)
  8. Climate Action Plan (Louisiana)
  9. Climate Action Plan (New Orleans)
  10. Coal seam natural gas producing areas (Louisiana)
  11. Coastal Management (Louisiana)
  12. Cogeneration Sales Tax Exemption (Louisiana)
  13. Corporate Jobs Tax Credit (Louisiana)
  14. DEMCO - Touchstone Energy Home Program (Louisiana)
  15. Energy Fund (Louisiana)
  16. Energy Reduction in Major State Facilities (Louisiana)
  17. Entergy New Orleans - Commercial and Industrial Solutions Program (Louisiana)
  18. Entergy New Orleans - Residential Energy Efficiency Program (Louisiana)
  19. Entergy New Orleans - Residential Solar Water Heating Program (Louisiana)
  20. Enterprise Zone Program (Louisiana)
  21. Environmental Quality: Air (Louisiana)
  22. Forestry Policies (Louisiana)
  23. General Air Permits (Louisiana)
  24. General Order Ensuring Reliable Electric Service (Louisiana)
  25. Geothermal Energy Resources (Louisiana)
  26. Ground Water Management Regulations (Louisiana)
  27. Home Energy Loan Program (HELP) (Louisiana)
  28. Home Energy Rebate Option (HERO) - Commercial Buildings Retrofit Program (Louisiana)
  29. Home Energy Rebate Option (HERO) - Existing Homes Program (Louisiana)
  30. Home Energy Rebate Option (HERO) - New Homes Program (Louisiana)
  31. Incentive Cost Recovery Rule for Nuclear Power Generation (Louisiana)
  32. Interconnection Guidelines (Louisiana)
  33. Interstate Mining Compact Commission (multi-state)
  34. Interstate Oil and Gas Conservation Compact (Multiple States)
  35. JOB1 Workforce Development and Business Support (New Orleans, Louisiana)
  36. Local Coastal Program (Louisiana)
  37. Local Option - Sustainable Energy Financing Districts (Louisiana)
  38. Louisiana - Residential Energy-Efficient Appliance Rebate Program (Louisiana)
  39. Louisiana Air Control Law (Louisiana)
  40. Louisiana Geologic Sequestration of Carbon Dioxide Act (Louisiana)
  41. Louisiana Hazardous Waste Control Law (Louisiana)
  42. Louisiana Nuclear Energy and Radiation Control Law (Louisiana)
  43. Louisiana Solid Waste Management and Resource Recovery Law (Louisiana)
  44. Louisiana Water Control Law (Louisiana)
  45. Mainstay Energy Rewards Program - Green Tag Purchase Program (Louisiana)
  46. Natural Gas Rules (Louisiana)
  47. Natural Resources and Energy Act of 1973 (Louisiana)
  48. Net Metering (Louisiana)
  49. Net Metering (New Orleans, Louisiana)
  50. Pipeline Operations Program (Louisiana)
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