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Energy Working Group

A LEDS GP Working Group

The participants in the LEDS Collaboration in Action workshop in London that took place 20-23 March 2012 agreed to establish a LEDS Global Partnership Energy Sector Working Group. The working group builds on and complements ongoing initiatives and networks supporting low emissions development in the energy sector and facilitates information exchange and collaboration on low emissions development activities focused on the energy sector.

The working group serves as a hub for an energy sector network of country governments, multilateral institutions and non-governmental organizations that are involved energy sector activities to support development and implementation of low emissions development strategies. Worldwatch Institute is leading this platform in collaboration with NREL and the Clean Energy Solutions Center, the ClimateWorks Foundation, and the World Resources Institute, and with participation by a broad group of members.

Energy Working Group Factsheet


The Energy Sector Working Group promotes low emissions development in the energy sector through a work program focused on learning and information exchange, sharing best practices, advisory services, and providing enhanced opportunities for coordination and collaboration. The working group seeks to assist countries in assisting countries in successfully developing low emissions climate-resilient energy strategies in partnership with the LEDS GP Regional Platforms and other working groups. The working group seeks to support sustainable energy solutions by countries that will both enable a transition to a low climate development path and that are resilient to the impacts of climate change.


Energy Sector Working Group activities include a low emission development energy atlas; clean energy policy expert assistance and peer learning; and linking with Sectoral Best Practice Networks.