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Climate Resilience Integration to LEDS Working Group

A LEDS GP Working Group

The LEDS GP Climate Resilience Integration to LEDS Working Group (CR-LEDS WG) was created at the second LEDS GP annual event in early 2013 to explore the synergies between climate resilient development and LEDS at the regional and global levels.

The CR-LEDS WG complements ongoing initiatives and networks supporting integration of LEDS and climate resilience and promotes sharing of technical information and collaboration on this topic. The working group aims to strengthen the capacity of practitioners and policymakers in the development of policy and practices by providing capacity building training and serving as a hub to share information, lessons learned, tools, methods, case studies and best practices on integrating adaptation and mitigation measures.

Please join us on this effort by emailing Barbara Oliveira at boliveira@ecosynergy.com.br.

Operations of the CR-LEDS WG

The CR-LEDS WG is co-led by Ecosynergy-Brazil and the Center for Clean Air Policy. Members of the working group are listed in the back page of this handout. The working group holds conference calls on a bi-monthly basis to discuss progress of activities and plan for new activities. Additional calls may be scheduled as need to address specific issues that required further discussion. In-person meetings can be arranged in the margins of regional and global LEDS GP events.

In addition to conference calls, the CR-LEDS WG members communicate and cooperate through informal dialogues and exchange of emails. Task groups will be formed as needed to accomplish the annual priority activities outlined below. A task group lead will be assigned to report back to the full working group on the progress of the activity. The operations of the CR-LEDS WG is supported by the LEDS GP Global Secretariat.

Planned Activities for 2013

Inventory of Existing and Planned Initiatives, Tools and Finance Mechanisms

The CR-LEDS WG will compile an inventory of existing and planned initiatives, activities, tools and methodologies, finance mechanisms and case studies related to integration of climate resilience into LEDS. This mapping activity will help to identify gaps and opportunities and outline obstacles of linking LEDS and climate resilience.

Capacity Building Trainings

The CR-LEDS WG will hold capacity building trainings, including webinars and technical sessions at regional and global workshops, to share lessons learned on approaches taken to integrating LEDS and climate resilience.

Case Studies

The CR-LEDS WG will develop case studies to exchange information and best practices addressing climate resilience integration into LEDS in developing countries.