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Upcoming LEDS Events

LEDS African Climate and Development Society (ADC-Soc) Green Growth Workshops

Kinshasa, DRC April 1-3, 2014

The African Climate and Development Society is pleased to announce its second regional workshop to be held in the Democratic Republic of Congo on 4-6 Feb, 2014. The workshop will be hosted in collaboration with the Green Growth Knowledge Platform.

The first day will focus on framing of climate resilient low emissions development and the structure, scope, and objectives for the African Climate and Development Society (ACD-Soc).

Day 2 will open the discussion on key issues, focus on exploring the concept of Green Growth in an African context and showcase the relevance of Green Growth to Africa. In the afternoon participants will focus on the specific challenges faced by African countries.

During Day 3, parallel sessions will be held to discuss a wide range of topics including linkages between adaptation and mitigation, linkages of national and subnational governance, climate resilient development tools, among others.

For more information, please contact Caroline.Uriarte@nrel.gov

Past Events

For information about past events, see past partnership events.