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Contacts: Linking LEDS and Climate Resilience Working Group

For more information about the Linking LEDS and Climate Resilience Working Group, please contact Barbara Oliveira at boliveira@ecosynergy.com.br or to all members.

Contact Caroline Uriarte to be added to—or removed from—this list or any other contact list on ledsgp.org.

Development Impact Assessment List Serve
Name Organization Email
Ampara, Bara Ministry of Finance - Indonesia
Araya, Monica LEDS LAC Platform Coordinator
Benioff, Ron National Renewable Energy Laboratory
Bogle, Stephanie United States Agency for International Development
Cox, Sadie National Renewable Energy Laboratory
De-Coninck, Sophie European Commission
Mukhi, Neha ICF International
Scrieciu, Serban Natural Resources Institute, University of Greenwich
Silva, Daniel Couto Ministry of Environment (MMA) - Brazil
Trang, Đào Minh Vietnam Institute of Meteorology, Hydrology and Environment
Uriarte, Caroline National Renewable Energy Laboratory