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LEDS Assistance Previously Provided

Expert Assistance on LEDS Finance and Energy

The following are examples of technical assistance that has been provided by the Clean Energy Solutions Center, a partner of the LEDS Expert Assistance service. These examples are specific to LEDS finance and energy measures. However, we can provide assistance on LEDS waste, analysis, finance, and transport measures.

Sustainable Development in Cote D'Ivoire

The Clean Energy Solutions Center provided support through the Policy Team’s expert to Cote D’Ivorie with developing a high quality bioenergy strategy. A follow-on request has been received to assist with development for a Renewable Energy Strategic Plan to support their roadmap on green economy.

Solar Hot Water System in Mauritius

The Clean Energy Solution Center is providing support to Mauritius in developing a scheme for solar hot water that will reach all buildings sectors across the island nation. The Solutions Center is conducting an analysis and evaluation of the current solar water heater scheme, which has been operating since 2008. There is now growing demand that this scheme will move to other sectors of the economy: commercial and industrial.

Energy Access, Clean Energy Project Finance Programs in Chile

The Clean Energy Solutions Center is assisting the Chilean Renewable Energy Centre (CREC) with energy access programs focused on renewable energy projects. Solutions Center policy experts are also providing information on policies that will increase success of renewable energy projects in a market that promotes full competition, viability of publically backed guarantees to manage commercial risk for renewable energy projects in an unregulated environment, and best practices on engaging venture capitalists to finance renewable energy research and development projects.

Impact of Assistance: Assistance provided through the Solutions Center will provide CREC with guidance to and information needed to develop clean energy access programs and projects in remote and isolated communities within Chile. Additionally, Solutions Center support will provide CREC with fundamental understanding and knowledge of how to design policies that enable financing and encourage investment in clean energy projects. These programs and policies have the potential to significantly increase deployment of renewable energy technologies in Chile.

Feed-in Tariffs in Ghana

The Clean Energy Solutions Center is assisting the Ghana Energy Commission with the design and development of a feed-in tariff (FIT) policy. Ghana is in the early stages of creating such a policy and requested assistance from Solutions Center experts in identifying best practices for FIT policy design. Solutions Center experts provided resources on FIT design, including best practices. The Solutions Center is currently engaged in consultations with the Ghana Energy Commission to provide additional guidance and support for the FIT policy.

Impact of Assistance: The Clean Energy Solutions Center is collaborating with Ghana in the early stages of the FIT policy design. As such, this early support will facilitate both effectiveness and speed of policy development and eventual implementation that will encourage scaled-up deployment of renewable energy into the Ghana energy mix.

Financing Clean Energy Projects in Israel Municipalities

The Clean Energy Solutions Center is assisting the Union of Local Government in Israel with two clean energy policy advice on creating programs like or similar to PACE that would be deployed across eighteen municipalities in Israel. Solutions Center policy experts are also providing information on bond structures, such as Clean Renewable Energy Bonds, Qualified Energy Conservation Bonds, etc. that are designed to finance renewable energy projects.

Impact of Assistance: The Clean Energy Solutions Center is assisting consultants for the Union of Local Governments and the eighteen municipalities that are spearheading this effort in the formative stages of the policy design. As such, these government agencies and supporting organization will have the necessary information to design effective clean energy finance programs based on established best practices and other similar policy designs that have been successful.

Policy Exchange with France

The Clean Energy Solutions Center is working with officials at the French Embassy in an effort to exchange policy information with an eye toward developing best practices and lessons learned to be shared with policy makers around the world. Policies focus on international transfer of low carbon technologies, finance mechanisms for technology transfers, investment financing, and wind energy policies.

Impact of Assistance: The exploration of these technology transfer policies, including finance and development elements will lead to development of best practices and shared lessons that will benefit governments around the world interested in developing mechanisms for their own clean energy technology transfer strategies. Additionally, a fundamental understanding of wind technology policies and associated regulations provides a strong knowledge base from which other governments can work to develop successful wind projects.