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* [[LEDSGP/activities/case-studies|LEDS examples and case studies]]
* [[LEDSGP/activities/case-studies|LEDS examples and case studies]]
* [[LEDSGP/activities/support-tools|support tools]]
* [[LEDSGP/activities/support-tools|Support tools]]
* [[Concept:CLEAN_Training|training resources and presentations]]
* [[Concept:CLEAN_Training|Training resources and presentations]]
* [[Concept: CLEAN_Lessons|lessons learned and best practices]]
* [[Concept: CLEAN_Lessons|Lessons learned and best practices]]
* [[Concept:CLEAN_Guides|guides and manuals]].
* [[Concept:CLEAN_Guides|Guides and manuals]].
* [[LEDS Databases|LEDS databases]]
* [[LEDS Databases|LEDS databases]]

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Inventory of LEDS-related Support Activities

27 February 2013

Update on the Activities Inventory: Key Trends in LEDS Programs Globally

Several international efforts assist the creation of climate-resilient low emission development plans and strategies, including work on Technology Needs Assessments (TNAs), Nationally Appropriate Mitigation Actions (NAMAs), low carbon growth plans and roadmaps. The user-generated inventory presented here links to many of these assistance efforts occurring internationally. The partnership developed the inventory to provide information on relevant activities and tools that can inform and support future work. Goals of this inventory activity are to avoid duplication of effort, to promote efficient use of resources, to assess assistance gaps and to support harmonization and coordination of climate-resilient low emission development planning activities internationally.

Browse Case Studies, Support Tools, or Country Activities

Access the entire inventory here. Or, browse the inventory by:

Add your program or tool to the inventory and us to provide a more comprehensive picture of climate-resilient low emission planning activities worldwide.

Number of Programs by Country. This map shows the number of climate-resilient low emission development activities added to the inventory for each country. Rollover the country that interests you, and the number of activities in that country will be displayed.