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Regional Platforms

LEDS GP regional platforms lead regional peer learning, training, and collaboration; engage technical working groups, the LEDS GP Secretariat, and others to meet country and regional needs; and cultivate champions and broad support for LEDS.

Africa LEDS Partnership

The Africa LEDS Partnership works towards climate resilient and low carbon development in Africa by bringing together policy, practice and research communities from across Africa to empower African partnerships between these communities and to embed climate resilient and low carbon development into Africa’s development agenda, activities and future.

Asia LEDS Partnership

The Asia LEDS Partnership serves as a platform to promote and enable low emission, climate resilient development across South Asia, Southeast Asia, East Asia, Central Asia, and the Pacific (including Australia and New Zealand). The partnership supports peer-to-peer learning, knowledge sharing, and improved coordination and cooperation among partners, including governments, development organizations, non-governmental organizations, businesses, academic institutions, and others working to achieve transformative, sustainable economic growth in Asia.

Latin America and Caribbean Regional Platform

The America and Caribbean LEDS Regional Platform promotes low emission development in Latin America through learning and information exchange, sharing best practices, and providing enhanced opportunities for coordination and collaboration on the development and implementation of LEDS.