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Transportation Toolkit

Avoid, Shift, Improve Framework

The avoid, shift, improve (ASI) framework enables development stakeholders to holistically design low-emission transport strategies by assessing opportunities to avoid the need for travel, shift to less carbon-intensive modes, and improve on conventional technologies, infrastructure, and policies.

Avoid Trips and Reduce Travel Demand
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Avoid trips taken and reduce travel demand by integrating land use planning, transport infrastructure planning, and transport demand management policies. This integration of planning and policies can result in convenient access to jobs, goods, and services while decreasing road vehicle usage and associated greenhouse gas emissions. Specific strategies to consider in avoiding travel include:

  • Mixed high-density spatial planning – Increasing residential density reduces sprawl and, in combination with conveniently accessible facilities and services, can reduce the need to travel
  • Telecommuting – Cost-effective solution to reduce pressure on transport systems, eliminate time and stress involved with commuting on congested roadways, and increase access to professionals in remote locations
Shift to Lower-Emission Transport Modes
Improve Technologies
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Cut the need for travel

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Change to low-carbon modes

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Enhance infrastructure & policies

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Learn more about the key actions in the report on LEDS for transportation.