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LEDS GP Annual Workshop: Advancing Leadership And Collaboration To Catalyze Action

27-29 August 2014 Addis Ababa, Ethiopia


Africa LEDS Partnership Workshop - August 26, 2014


AR5 - What’s new for Africa?

Dr. Maggie Opondo, Nairobi University

Country Case Studies of LEDS in Africa

Gabon EC-LEDS Program

Ngok Ludovic, Gabon National Climate Change Council

Progress in the Implementation of Low Carbon Initiatives in South Africa

Brian Mantlana, Government of South Africa

Finance Peer Learning for African Countries

Finance Peer Learning for African Countries

Alexis Robert, OECD

LAC Climate Finance Dialogue

José Luis Maccarone, Government of Argentina

Rwanda FONERWA case study

Bright Ntare, Government of Rwanda

Cameroon case study on climate finance

T.H. Jackson Ngwa Edielle, Cameroon

Subnational Governance and Climate - Session 1B