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LEDS GP Annual Workshop: Advancing Leadership And Collaboration To Catalyze Action

27-29 August 2014 Addis Ababa, Ethiopia


Convening the Africa LEDS Partnership

Pathways to Green Growth in Africa

1-3 April 2014
Kinshasa, DRC

Africa LEDS Partnership Workshop - August 26, 2014

AR5 - What’s new for Africa?

Dr. Maggie Opondo, Nairobi University

Kenya’s Low Carbon Climate Resilient Development Pathway

Charles Mutai and Stephen King'uyu, Climate Change Secretariat, Kenya's Ministry of Environment, Water & Natural Resources

LEDS Global Partnership Overview

Ron Benioff, LEDS Global Partnership Secretariat

Green Growth Best Practice: Synthesis of Key Findings

Ron Benioff, GGBP

Subnational Governance and Climate - Session 1B