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LEDS GP Annual Workshop: Advancing Leadership And Collaboration To Catalyze Action

24-26 June 2014

The LEDS Global Partnership is convening its third annual global workshop to bring together leading officials and practitioners from countries and international institutions to share lessons and strengthen cooperation on climate-resilient low emission development around the world. The 2014 LEDS GP Workshop will be highly interactive and will facilitate peer learning and knowledge exchange in these focus areas: LEDS leadership, impact, implementation, and strengthening communities of practice.

Workshop Objectives

  • Strengthen and catalyze LEDS leadership through highlighting champions and supporting emerging leaders
  • Advance LEDS action on the ground through peer learning and enhanced use of LEDS tools and assistance
  • Reinforce support and alignment of LEDS with economic, social and environmental development goals through peer learning and assistance with communicating and assessing LEDS impacts
  • Enhance LEDS GP communities of practice and coordination of assistance and learning across countries, international programs, regional platforms and working groups

Important Note

We regret to inform you that due to travel restrictions to Kenya for some participants, the LEDS GP Steering Committee and Annual Workshop Organizing Committee have determined that it will be necessary to move the workshop to another location in Africa. We are attempting to find another location in Africa that is available for us to proceed with the event on the same dates and will inform everyone on the new location in the next few days.

Please accept our sincerest apologies for this change and the many inconveniences and impacts caused by this relocation. We appreciate your understanding of this extraordinary situation.