Hot Dry Rock Reservoir Engineering

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Report: Hot Dry Rock Reservoir Engineering

The Hot Dry Rock (HDR) concept is a simple one. Two nearly parallel wells are drilled, and hydraulic fractures are then formed to hydraulically connect the wells. Water pumped down the injection well and through the fracture system is heated by contact with the hot rock and rises to the production well. This hot fluid is passed through a heat exchanger at the surface and the extracted heat is used for direct heating or electricity generation. The cooled production fluid is then reinjected, thereby setting up a circulation loop. This paper describes the development and execution of the HDR project at Fenton Hill, New Mexico.

Hugh D. Murphy

Los Alamos National Laboratory, NM, 1987

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Hugh D. Murphy. 1987. Hot Dry Rock Reservoir Engineering. (!) : Los Alamos National Laboratory, NM. Report No.: LA-UR-87-3388.

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