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About Contacts

Adding contact information to organization pages is helpful to provide other users with access to industry professionals. Contacts are most often added to applicable pages when editing (or creating) a page using it's form.

All contacts are stored on organization pages in OpenEI. These contacts can then be queried, transcluded, etc. for use on other pages within the wiki.

When contacts are added to an organization page, they invoke Template:ContactInfo to construct properties specific to individual contacts. These sub-properties can then be queried to retrieve individual contact information.

{{#ask:[[Contact::+]] [[Organization::+]]
|? Position
|? Name
|? Email
|? Phone
|? Website

Uses of Contacts

Common uses of contacts are for organizations that have multiple offices, such as BLM. BLM is a large organization with many different offices, divisions and field locations. For example, each specific field location could be entered, along with the contact information of the person who manages that location.
Additionally, contacts can be used to add connections for multiple persons in a single organization or office. Consider a startup that has a marketing manager and a web development manager. Both persons can be entered as contacts on the organization page, with unique contact info for each.
Information entered into the Contacts fields does not alter the organization's primary phone number, website, etc. To edit this information, use the organization's Edit with Form option, and edit the fields under the About section.

Adding Contacts

All contacts are added to organization pages in OpenEI. If the organization page already exists, you can edit the page using the form and add new contacts at the bottom of the web form. If an organization does not exist, the page will have to be created, at which time the option to add contacts will be available.

Adding to an existing organization
  1. Visit the organization page
  2. Edit with Form
  3. Go to the bottom of the web form, click the "Add Contact" button
  4. Enter the contact info *
  5. Save Page
* Note: the Position/Title field can only be set when creating a new contact
Adding to a new organization
  1. Use Form:Organization to create a new organization
  2. Enter organization specific information
  3. Click the "Add Contact" button at the bottom of the form
  4. Enter the contact info *
  5. Save Page
* Note: the Position/Title field can only be set when creating a new contact

Edit existing Contacts

Once a contact has been created, the user specific information can be edited if needed. It may be necessary to update contact information when a new person has filled the role, a phone number or email address changed, etc. Follow the steps below to edit.

Edit an existing contact
  1. Go to the organization page where the contact is stored
  2. Edit with Form
  3. Scroll to the bottom of the web form to find the contacts section
  4. Find the desired contact and update the information
NOTE: the Position/Title field can only be edited by administrators.

If you are attempting to edit the Position/Title, there are two options:
  1. Use the Feedback (found toward the upper right corner of OpenEI pages) to request a change
  2. Add a new contact with the new Position or Title

If you are unsure of a contact's organization, you can use one of the contact's properties to run a query and obtain it:

By position: {{#ask:  [[Contact::(position)|? Organization}}
By name:     {{#ask:  [[Contact::(contact name)|? Organization}}
By phone:    {{#ask:  [[Contact::(phone number)|? Organization}}
By email:    {{#ask:  [[Contact::(email address)|? Organization}}

Remove a Contact

Removing a contact is very easy.

  1. Simply go to the contact's organization page (if unsure, see above)
  2. Edit with form
  3. Scroll down to the contacts section
  4. Click the red "Remove" button next to the desired contact
  5. Save page

Viola! The contact will be removed from the organization page. The changes will propagate throughout the wiki, so any pages connected to or that use the removed contact will also be updated and the contact information will be removed from them.

Example in Use

For an example of this template in use, please see the Bureau of Land Management page.

Edit the page to see the template code and learn how the contact info was constructed.


The Contacts template is designed for use by Organizations. To specify the contact info for an organization, go to that organization's page and click Edit with Form.

  • Position - The position name/title, branch of the organizations or specialty with which this contact is associated. (i.e. "Engineering Coordinator", "Biomass", "New Applications", etc. Default is "GeneralInfo".)
    • This will be used to differentiate this contact from others associated with the same organization.
  • Name - The name Topics this page discusses. (optional)
    • When a person's name is unknown, a position name will often suffice.
  • Email - The contact's email address.
  • Phone - The contact's phone number.
  • Website - A web page URL with additional contact info.

Note: Properties generated by this template will all be prefixed with the words ContactFor and the value of the For parameter, to allow multiple contacts to be specified for a given organization.



It should be invoked using a parent form.

Additional Usage

Contacts in RAPID Forms

An option for contacts also appears in some RAPID toolkit forms, such as the RAPID Roadmap Form.

Contacts may have a different context or meaning throughout OpenEI and on different pages. RAPID Roadmap pages, for example, contain their own type of contact. The contact information is still stored on organization pages, but RAPID Roadmap pages have an option for adding and displaying contact information as well. The contact can be added by using the RAPID Roadmap Section form. RAPID Roadmap Section template contains some logic that runs an ask query based on the contact added in the form and sets a page property and displays the queried contact info on the page.

Adding a RAPID Roadmap Contact
  1. Go to a RAPID Roadmap page
  2. Edit with form
  3. Go to the bottom of the form
  4. Click the "Add Contact" button
  5. Use the dropdown to select the desired contact
  6. Save page

The dropdown field uses custom logic to display contacts in the format of Organization: Position/Title. This format was used in the event that the same position or title exists at multiple organizations.

Setting values in this field can be done by:

  • Using the dropdown and scrolling through options
  • Typing a keyword in the field, matching options will be displayed underneath
  • Typing in the contact Organization: Position (this method must match exactly to an existing contact comibnation)

Editing a RAPID Roadmap Contact
There are two ways a user might want to edit a RAPID Roadmap contact:
  1. Edit the Organization: Position that is assigned to the section
  2. Edit the contact info for the Organization: Position that is assigned to the section

There are different methods to handle this.

Editing the Organization
Position that is assigned to the section:
Perhaps the the organization that handles the permitting or policy for a roadmap section has been changed. Or, the responsibility is still assigned to an organization, but now belongs to a different person of position in that organization.
  1. Use the Add a Contact option (found below the listed contacts in the right column) to handle this
  2. Remove the outdated contact
  3. Click the "Add Contact" button and select a new contact
  4. Save page

Editing the contact info for the displayed Organization
If the contact info is out of date, perhaps a person changed positions, retired, is promoted, etc. and the name, email or phone number have been updated, there is a way to edit the contact info.
  1. Click the Edit option found to the right of the displayed Contact
  2. You'll be linked to the Organization page that contains that contact, already in the Edit with form mode
  3. Update the contact's info *
  4. Save page
* Note: the Position/Title field can only be set when creating a new contact

Editing the contact info opens the organization page in edit mode in a new browser tab. This way, you can make your changes and easily return to the first browser tab that still contains the roadmap page.

The updated contact info will propagate throughout the wiki to all pages that use or connect to the updated contact. It may take several minutes or more for this to happen. To update the page and see your changes, use the Refresh option (found under the Page Actions menu option at the top of the page). This will refresh the wiki page and you should now see your new contact info!