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  |Place Name=Hawaii
|Place Name=Hawaii
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Hawaii is a state in the United States of America.
Hawaii is a state in the United States of America.
{{Incentives For Place}}
{{Incentives For Place}}

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Hawaii is a state in the United States of America.

Energy Incentives for Hawaii

  1. Alcohol Fuels Exemption (Hawaii)
  2. Building Energy Code (Hawaii)
  3. Capital Goods Excise Tax Credit (Hawaii)
  4. City and County of Honolulu - Real Property Tax Exemption for Alternative Energy Improvements (Hawaii)
  5. City and County of Honolulu - Solar Loan Program (Hawaii)
  6. Commercial Energy Efficiency Rebate Program (Hawaii)
  7. Energy Efficiency Portfolio Standard (Hawaii)
  8. Energy Efficiency Rebate Program (Hawaii)
  9. Energy Solutions Business Appliance Rebates and Customized Incentives Program (Hawaii)
  10. Ethanol Production Investment Tax Credit (Hawaii)
  11. Farm and Aquaculture Alternative Energy Loan (Hawaii)
  12. Feed-in-Tariff (Hawaii)
  13. Fuel Mix Disclosure (Hawaii)
  14. Green Infrastructure Bonds (Hawaii)
  15. GreenSun Hawaii (Hawaii)
  16. Hawaii - Residential Energy-Efficient Appliance Rebate Program (Hawaii)
  17. Hawaii Energy (Hawaii)
  18. Hawaii Gas Company - Commercial Switch to Gas Program (Hawaii)
  19. High Technology Business Investment Tax Credit (Hawaii)
  20. Honolulu - Solar Bond (Hawaii)
  21. Honolulu - Solar Bond Program (Hawaii)
  22. Interconnection Standards (Hawaii)
  23. KIUC - Efficient Appliance Rebate Program (Hawaii)
  24. KIUC - Energy Wise Commercial Energy Efficiency Program (Hawaii)
  25. KIUC - Solar Water Heating Loan Program (Hawaii)
  26. KIUC - Solar Water Heating Rebate Program (Hawaii)
  27. Kauai Electric - Residential Solar Water Heating Program (Hawaii)
  28. Local Option - Special Improvement Districts (Hawaii)
  29. Mainstay Energy Rewards Program - Green Tag Purchase Program (Hawaii)
  30. Maui County - Solar Roofs Initiative Loan Program (Hawaii)
  31. Net Metering (Hawaii)
  32. Northwest Interstate Compact on Low-Level Radioactive Waste Management (Multiple States)
  33. On-Bill Financing (Hawaii)
  34. Priority Permit Processing for Green Buildings (Hawaii)
  35. Public Benefits Fee for Energy Efficiency (Hawaii)
  36. Reduced Highway Taxes for Alternative Fuels (Hawaii)
  37. Renewable Portfolio Standard (Hawaii)
  38. Renewables and Efficiency in State Facilities & Operations (Hawaii)
  39. Residential Energy Disclosure (Hawaii)
  40. Residential Energy Efficiency Rebate Program (Hawaii)
  41. Solar Contractor Licensing (Hawaii)
  42. Solar Rights (Hawaii)
  43. Solar Water Heater Rebate (Hawaii)
  44. Solar Water Heating Requirement for New Residential Construction (Hawaii)
  45. Solar Water Heating Systems for State Facilities (Hawaii)
  46. Solar and Wind Energy Credit (Corporate) (Hawaii)
  47. Solar and Wind Energy Credit (Personal) (Hawaii)
  48. Wind Energy System Corporate Tax Credit (Hawaii)
  49. Wind Energy System Personal Tax Credit (Hawaii)