Ghana-GTZ Sustainable Economic Development

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GTZ is working with Ghana on this project with the following objective: "The judicial, economic and institutional framework conditions and the access to energy as well as to financial and non-financial services has been improved for micro, small and medium enterprises (MSMEs)."

Results Achieved

"On local and regional level, the program has thus far achieved an increase in the budgets earmarked for economic development. Local private sector associations have been strengthened. The number of paying members has increased significantly, and the associations now concentrate on strengthening the entrepreneurial activities of their members.

The previous project SPEED (now part of the programme) has created a revolving fund which is on its way to financial sustainability. More than eight partner institutions have already disbursed more than 1,800 credits to customers. Trainers have been trained for BDS; and 90 % of entrepreneurs who have called upon BDS, considered their services, especially in the area of improvement of business management, to be very useful."

Further information can be accessed at the project website.


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