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GeoRePORT Protocol Documents

This section contains all the key documents relating to the GeoRePORT Protocol. Protocol documents will be posted as they become available for review. Please download, review and test these documents and provide . Your input helps to shape the development of these documents and increases the usefulness of the Protocol.

Protocol Documents

GeoRePORT Input Spreadsheet Image.png
GeoRePORT Input Spreadsheet

Download-icon-grey.jpgDownload the GeoRePORT Input Spreadsheet
GRRM Background Cover.pdf
Vol I: Background Document

Download-icon-grey.jpgDownload the Background Document
GRRM Geo Assess Tool Cover.pdf
Vol II: Geological Assessment Tool

Download-icon-orange.jpgDownload the Geological Assessment Tool
GRRM Tech Assess Tool Cover.pdf
Vol. III: Technical Assessment Tool

Download-icon-blue.jpgDownload the Technical Assessment Tool
GRRM Socio-Econ Assess Tool Cover.pdf
Vol IV: Socio-Economic Assessment Tool

Download-icon-green.jpgDownload the Socio-Economic Assessment Tool
GRRM Resource Size Assess Tool Cover.pdf
Vol. V: Resource Size Assessment Tool

Download-icon-cream.jpgExpected release: pending additional funding
GRRM Case Studies Cover.pdf
Vol VI: Case Studies

Download-icon-brown.jpgExpected release: pending additional funding