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Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) Clean Energy Gateway

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West Africa Organizations, Programs, and Tools
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West African Programs (75
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Technical Resources and Datasets

Resource Assessment

Where can I find information about clean energy resource potential in my country?

"PvWatts2 Application"
Project Analysis Tools

What software tools are available to help screen and design clean energy projects?

"In My Backyard Tool"
Energy System and Scenario Analysis

What analysis tools and methods can I use to study my country's energy system?

Impact Assessment

What are potential economic, environmental and social impacts of clean energy deployment?

Technology Cost and Performance

Where can I find cost and performance characterizations of clean energy technologies?

Transportation.PNG Transportation

How can I plan for an efficient and sustainable transport system in my country?

Program and Partnership Resources

Policy and Program Design

What are options and best practices for policy and program design?

Financing Initiatives

What information is available on financing options for clean energy projects in my country?

Low Emission Development Strategies

Where can I find resources to support the development of a LEDS in my country?

Global Organizations and Networks

What international organizations and networks support clean energy development?