Event:NYSERDA Webinar: The Science of Visibility

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{{{Name}}}: 5:00 - 6:00 PM UTC on 2021/06/23

In this webinar, Gordon Perkins and Kiva VanDerGeest with Environmental Design & Research will discuss the environmental factors that affect visibility of wind farms from shore and methods for modeling visual impacts. Gordon is a consultant in visualization and visual impact assessment in the Northeast and has 20 years of professional experience. Kiva has over six years of professional experience in planning, design, geographic information systems, and visual impact assessments. This webinar is part of the Learning from the Experts series hosted by NYSERDA’s Offshore Wind Team and featuring experts in key offshore wind topics, including wind farm technologies, development practices, regulatory processes, and research initiatives.

Event Details
Name NYSERDA Webinar: The Science of Visibility
Date 2021/06/23
EndDate 2021/06/23
Time 5:00 - 6:00 PM UTC
Location Online
Organizer NYSERDA’s Offshore Wind Team
IsPrimreEvent Yes
Website Event Website