Event:2021 Gordon Conference on Coastal Ocean Dynamics

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The 2021 Gordon Conference on Coastal Ocean Dynamics synthesizes recent advances in the understanding of circulation and fluid dynamical processes in the coastal ocean. Recent advances in observational and numerical modeling techniques, as well as a number of interdisciplinary field studies, have led to significant progress in our understanding of coastal ocean processes. In order to capture the diverse and dynamic nature of the field, the conference will feature sessions spanning a wide range of temporal and spatial scales, environments and processes. Meeting sessions will include topics ranging from sediment dynamics, nearshore physics, shelf circulation, biological-biogeochemical feedbacks with fluid mechanics and circulation processes, submesoscale and small-scale dynamics to breakthroughs in the study of estuaries, and tackling the frontiers of coastal physical oceanography and ocean-derived energy. Besides examining the forefront of discovery and theoretical advances in coastal d

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Name 2021 Gordon Conference on Coastal Ocean Dynamics
Date 2021/06/06
EndDate 2021/06/11
Location Southern New Hampshire University
Organizer Gordon Research Conference
IsPrimreEvent Yes
Website Event Website