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Energy Access Tools


Solar and Wind Energy Resource Assessment (SWERA)

The SWERA landing page allows for the quick browsing of global data layers. More detailed information on each country or select geospatial data sets can be found by selecting a country and choosing one of the two options which appear.

Launch SWERA

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UN-Energy-Measuring Energy Access

"Openly available and visually attractive information presentation can support the design of innovative policies and measures, and underpin detailed analysis. UN-Energy, the interagency mechanism on energy issues of the United Nations System, and partners are taking concrete steps to enhance operational and delivery capacity by expanding its knowledge base and to share information.The visualization platform currently features two complementary sets of data related to energy access in sub-Saharan Africa"


Energy Map: Clean Energy for the Underserved

"This site is designed to help you better understand energy delivery for customers underserved by traditional markets, and the technologies and business models being used to help empower the bottom billions. On this map you can see over 40 social enterprises delivering energy solutions to underserved populations around the world. Enterprises can be viewed on a map or in a list. You can filter enterprises by location, type of energy technology used, business models, and legal structure."

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