El Salvador - National Climate Change Strategy Support

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"Damage caused by extreme weather events during 2009 and 2010 in Central America mean that climate change is now a high-level policy priority, especially for the Government of El Salvador.

In the first half of 2010, CDKN met President Mauricio Funes and El Salvador’s Minister of the Environment, to discuss the effects of climate change in the country. In late 2010, the Ministry of the Environment and Natural Resources (MARN) committed El Salvador to a National Strategy on Climate Change to jointly develop guidelines with the water, agriculture, education, health and infrastructure sectors to inform the national strategy on climate change in El Salvador.

Now several ministries whose work is particularly affected by climate change, such as Agriculture, Water, Health, Education and Infrastructure, are working together to define key elements of the National Climate Change Strategy and set sectoral policies for adaptation. The idea is to hold inter-sectoral workshops with each of the ministries and evaluate how climate change will affect each of them. MARN will lay down guidelines for the national strategy.

CDKN is supporting MARN in this process by hiring five top-notch sectoral experts, by competitive selection, to assist in:

Determining top-priority lines of action and sectoral strategies; Identifying information gaps and research needs; Assessing existing information and what needs to be includes in the sectoral plan; Foreseeing investment needs and promoting fund-raising; Outlining one or two strategic projects, to generate and/or analyse information for decision-making. It is intended that the national strategy will be set up within approximately five months. This process is expected to begin by the middle of September, so the strategy should be ready by March 2012.

To date, we have prepared a national assessment to examine the climate change situation in El Salvador and identified sectoral experts.

CDKN funding: £200,000"


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