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Daily Shift Report 08 November 2017

Date: 11/08/2017

Written by: J. Burghardt & J. Horner

SURF Personnel: George Vandine


Location(s):  4850 Level, EGS Collab SIGMA-V drill site for E1-I hole




       Drill out cement, conduct pull and pressure test to evaluate cement job

       Continue drilling well to ~50 ft and conduct gyro survey

       Continue drilling well to end of shift


Science Hours (total) on Site:

Surface: 3.0 hours

Underground: 30.75 hours






       Toolbox talk with Travis. Pointed out tripping and slipping hazards and notified us of the hazards of rotating drill pipe and equipment used to pull core barrels.

       Arrived at drill site at 6:00 AM and found cement sample (kept in empty water bottle) was still very soft (consistency of wet mud). Drillers will evaluate state of cement in the well to see if the somewhat elevated temperature accelerating curing of well cement.

       Had phone call with J. Burghardt, J. Horner, Tim K., Pat D., Doug B. and the drillers to discuss state of the cement job. Drillers clarified that the cement sample taken yesterday was from watered down cement used to displace the primary cement, which had a much lower water content. This explained why the cement sample and the cement towards the top of the well was very weak while the cement lower in the well was much stronger. It was decided that so long as the pull test and pressure tests were passed, all indications were that the cement job was adequate and that the drilling should continue as planned.

       Measured flow rate from E1-P at 8 mL/min at approximately 7:00 AM

       Measured water level in E1-OT at 88 inches from top of casing at approximately 7:00 AM. This is 30 inches lower than at approximately the same time yesterday.

       Refilled E1-OT at 8:30 AM.

       Repeated flow measurement from E1-P at 8:45 AM and measured a flow rate of 74 mL/min.

       Measured water depth in E1-OT at 9:52 AM and found it 53” from the top of the casing.

       Measured flow rate out of E1-P at 9:56 AM to be 47 mL/min.

       Casing passed pull test with 18,000 lbf and no movement at ~9:00 AM

       Pressure test conducted at 100 psi for ~45 minutes with no leaks (completed at ~ 10:00 AM)

       Took one hour to drill the next two feet. Pulled out of hole to sharpen bit and continue drilling.

       Measured water location in E1-OT at 12:58 PM. Water was at 64” below top of casing.

       Flow rate out of E1-P was measured to be 10.4 mL/min (52 mL in 5 minutes) at 1:07 PM.

       Run 7 was very slow to drill because of thick quartz sections

       Runs 8-13 went relatively fast

       Completed gryo logging after core run 13

       Continued drilling partway through core run 14 before it was time to leave for the day



Documents or Procedures: Drilling & Logging JHA


Materials Receiving/Shipping: None


Acts of Safety:

      Drillers pointed out hazards around the operating drill rig

      Yuran Zhang notified everyone working at the core logging table of the HCL that she was using for sanitization

Near Misses or Incidents:

(Name of Science Group) Personnel Hours (Surface and Underground):





Surface Hours

Underground Hours

Time In

Time Out

Time In

Time Out


J. Burghardt

6:00 AM

6:00 PM

6:30 AM

5:30 PM


J. Horner

6:00 AM

6:00 PM

6:30 AM

5:30 PM


Y. Zhang

7:30 AM

6:00 PM

7:45 AM

5:30 PM




















11 8 17 1.jpg

Drilling crew running the gyro log after core run 13


11 8 17 2.jpg

Photo of the screen of the computer being used to record the gyro log



11 8 17 3.jpg


Jake horner logging the core


11 8 17 4.jpg

Jake and Yuran preparing a sample for biological testing