Distributed Wind Installers

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Interested in finding out if distributed wind is right for you? Thinking about installing a small wind turbine at your farm, business, or home? You can consult this Small Wind Handbook for more information. The next step would be to consult a distributed wind installer.

This list of distributed wind installers is provided for consumers' reference, but does not represent an endorsement of any installer. Installers in this list are active in the distributed wind market and have opted-in to be included. OpenEI is a wiki-site and therefore contributors can add installers to the list as well.

Please note that many of the installers work in other states in addition to their home states and may be able to help you wherever you are.

For more information, contact alice.orrell@pnnl.gov.

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Add a new Distributed Wind Installer

Requirements for Adding Installers

In order to be sure to add an organization to the map, some requirements must first be met:

  1. The installer must have a company/organization page on OpenEI (use the add link to create one)
  2. When creating the company/organization page, several parameters must be set to ensure the location appears on the map:
    • Name (required)
    • Website (recommended)
    • Add Distributed Wind Installation to the product field (required)
    • Phone and Address/City/State (recommended)
    • Zip Code (required)
    • Set Coordinates (required)
    • Add article text, describing the organization (recommended)
  3. After saving the new company/organization page, it may take a bit before recent additions appear on the map. The refresh process can be sped up by using the Mediawiki Refresh menu option or by clicking this link.