Direct-Current Resistivity At Kawaihae Area (Thomas, 1986)

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Exploration Activity: Direct-Current Resistivity At Kawaihae Area (Thomas, 1986)

Exploration Activity Details
Location Kawaihae Area
Exploration Technique Direct-Current Resistivity Survey
Activity Date
Usefulness not indicated
DOE-funding Unknown

In addition to the aeromagnetic data, the field survey program in Kawaihae included six Schlumberger resistivity soundings between Kawaihae and Waimea (Kauahikaua and Mattice, 1981). The results of these sounding (Fig. 35) detected apparent resistivity differences in the surface rock depending on whether the soundings were done on Kohala or Mauna Kea lavas (Figs 36, 37), whereas uniform resistivities of 650- 850 ohm.m were found at depths of approximately 30 m. Basement resistivities for these soundings ranged from 7.9 to 10,000 ohm-m. The former resistivity was interpreted to correspond to basalt saturated with seawater, whereas the latter, located to the west of Puu Loa, was tentatively interpreted to indicate the presence of a dense intrusive body associated with the Puu Loa cinder cone (Kauahikaua and Mattice, 1981).


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