Clean Air-Cool Planet Community Toolkit

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The Clean Air-Cool Planet Toolkit is a web-based guide directed towards communities.


The Clean Air-Cool Planet Toolkit is a web-based guide directed towards communities. The Toolkit provides information and resources related to developing an inventory and establishing teams; and financing and implementing energy conservation, renewable energy (the resource focuses on wind power, solar power, and methane recovery), green power, transportation, waste, and land-use programs. Each topic is illustrated using a case study, most of which originate from the Northeast United States. The case studies include a range of information, such as project/program descriptions, step-by-step guides, contact information, cost and benefits, financing mechanisms, and links to model ordinances and other template documents from the case study communities.


The Toolkit contains an overview of the GHG reduction process and is targeted specifically at communities. The Toolkit does not necessarily describe or provide general instructions for each step of the energy transformation process, but rather illustrates steps and actions primarily through case studies. Many of these case studies are accompanied by downloadable documents that can be used as templates. This non-technical guide is geared primarily toward communities just beginning the energy transformation process and can be used to develop a high-level understanding of the climate action planning process, and to gain an understanding of the various strategies the case study communities have undertaken to set and meet their energy goals.