China-Quantifying Emission Reduction Opportunities in Emerging Economies

From Open Energy Information

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Ecofys developed emission reduction scenarios for the G5 developing countries including; business as usual, no- regret, and ambitious scenarios. They also evaluated current national climate plans.

From the study: "The participation of emerging economies is one of the major items of discussion on a future international climate regime. Action is called for and more and more emerging economies make plans and pledges for future emission reduction, in particular around the Copenhagen climate conference of December 2009.

Brazil, China, India, Mexico, South Africa and South Korea are responsible for about two thirds for the emissions of Non-Annex I countries. This paper gives an overview on available historic and business-as-usual emissions between 1990 and 2020, countries’ pledges and assumptions on emission reductions due to countries’ climate change plans. It also provides a comparison of these reductions to probable allocations of emission allowances under a range of different global effort sharing approaches."


  1.  "G8 Climate Scorecards"