China-Enhancing Low-carbon Development by Greening the Economy: Policy Dialogue, Advisory Services, Benchmarking

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Program Overview

The project will promote Green Economy in developing countries and emerging economies as a realistic approach towards low-carbon development. It will be implemented in cooperation with UNEP (focus on macroeconomic policies) , with special regard of the particular environmental perspective on the UN Conference on Sustainable Development (Rio 2012) and UNFCCC negotiation issues. The project includes elaboration of concept papers, establishing and testing of indicators and benchmarking methods (supporting MRV) as a part of demand-oriented advisory services in selected partner countries (Ghana, Marokko, Thailand, Uruguay). It will provide concrete support to decision-makers from up to six countries to design suitable national policies for a Green Economy transition, including fiscal and economic incentives that aim to contribute to the mitigation of and adaptation to climate change.


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