Carderock Tow Tank 2

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Basic Specifications
Facility Name Carderock Tow Tank 2
Overseeing Organization United States Naval Surface Warfare Center
Hydrodynamic Testing Facility Type Tow Tank
Length(m) 574.9
Beam(m) 15.5
Depth(m) 6.7
Water Type Freshwater
Cost(per day) Contact POC
Special Physical Features Carriage 2 is located on this basin
Towing Capabilities
Towing Capabilities Yes
Maximum Velocity(m/s) 10.3

Wavemaking Capabilities
Wavemaking Capabilities Yes
Maximum Wave Height(m) 0.6
Maximum Wave Length(m) 12.2
Wave Period Range(s) 0.0
Current Velocity Range(m/s) 0.0
Programmable Wavemaking Yes
Wavemaking Description Irregular waves with a spectrum resembling typical ocean wave patterns with appropriate scale reductions
Wave Direction Uni-Directional
Simulated Beach Yes
Description of Beach The wave absorber spans the full width of the basin at the end opposite the wavemaker dome, the absorbers are a discontinuous 12 degree slope type made up of 12 permeable layers of rectangular precast concrete bar panels resting on an impermeable concrete slab supported by a structural steel framework, the center section of the absorber is of wood construction & can be raised and lowered as a unit to provide model access to and from the fitting-out dry dock located at the end of the basin.
Channel/Tunnel/Flume None

Wind Capabilities
Wind Capabilities None

Control and Data Acquisition
Cameras None

Data Generation Capability
Real-Time No

Test Services
Test Services None

Special Characteristics
Special Characteristics None

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