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  1. Review and select an available geothermal area
  2. Next, submit your team information
  3. Confirm your area
  • Your selected area won't be removed from the available list until it is confirmed.
  • How do you confirm?
  1. After creating your team, click on the Confirm Area button from your team page.
  2. The form for your selected area page will be opened with the case study tab selected
  3. Make sure the status states that your team name has reserved the area, if so, check the confirmed box
  4. Save
  • If you have already confirmed your area, the button may no longer be visible. You can also view the properties for your area page to see if it is confirmed. Click the Browse Properties link in the footer on your geothermal area page. Look for CaseStudyTeamConfirm, it will have a value of Confirmed if it has been confirmed.