CARPE-IUCN Small Grants Program

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"IUCN small grant program using CARPE fund has the objective to strengthening civil society for sustainable forest conservation in Central Africa. Detailed objectives are as follows:

  1. Promote and build constituency for conservation among civil society;
  2. Foster partnerships between landscapes consortia and local civil society in the field;
  3. Fill gaps in conservation’s analytical agenda including the design of a suitable mechanism to provide feedback to local communities on conservation strategies, exchanges of field experiences and success stories between and within landscapes;
  4. Facilitate the participation of Central African institutions and governments in CARPE activities;
  5. Reinforce the capacities of local civil society in institutional development and strategic planning;
  6. Effectively integrate CARPE activities in the field with host country institutions;
  7. Identify Natural Resources Management policies that require country team advocacy for policy reform or development;
  8. Raise local, national and regional awareness of CARPE objectives and achievements;
  9. Foster gender equity."


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