Burlington High School Wind Project

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Burlington High School Wind Project Data

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Turbine Status:
System Status
Current Status Last Reported:

Today: Lifetime:

Installed Capacity:2.4 kW
0.0024 MW
2,400 W
2,400,000 mW
2.4e-6 GW
2.4e-9 TW

Turbine Power

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Project Specifications

NameBurlington High School Wind Project
SchoolBurlington High School
SectorWind energy
Project TypeCommunity Wind
Turbine StatusIn Service
Address1457 Martin Avenue, Burlington
Coordinates39.2967°, -102.2714° Show Map
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Installed Capacity (MW)0.0024
0.0024 MW
2.4 kW
2,400 W
2,400,000 mW
2.4e-6 GW
Number of Units1
Online Year2009
Wind Turbine ManufacturerSkyStream
Wind for Schools Portal Turbine ID107678
ReferencesWind Powering America[1]


  1.  "Wind Powering America"